Jan 31, 2012

What Does Homemaking Look Like in My Home?

Today we're going to play a game! I'm excited! Another blogger wrote a blog post titled "What kind of homemaker are you?" where she shared how she is coming to terms with how she isn't the "perfect homemaker." She is also hosting a link up for other bloggers to share more on what they do as homemakers! This sounds like fun!

I'm not your picture perfect homemaker. Do I want to be? Well, that is sort of a loaded question. Of course, there is a part of me that does desire to "have it all together" and be seen as successful. You know, everything clean and tidy, kids dressed and clean, cookies baking in the oven, and not a hair on my head out of place! But, in the end, I don't really desire to run such a perfect home that I don't enjoy my home or my family.

However, it is not within my nature to be extremely neat and orderly and I have been known to be forgetful and clumsy. Being a homemaker to me is a constant learning process. Just as in a "regular" job, you wouldn't be considered successful unless you know your particular job well and continue to learn new ways to better contribute to the corporation you work for. Thus I consider it just part of my job description to continue learning to do better as a keeper of my home, as well as learning to do better as a wife and mother.

Here is the list of questions she asked regarding my personal homemaking style:
  1. Who cooks?
  2. Who cleans?
  3. How does your average day look?
  4. What chore do you hate doing the most?
  5. What do you struggle with the most?
  6. What do you exceed at?
Now for my answers:
  1. Who cooks? I do almost all of the cooking and baking. My children are too young to do much cooking in our home but I plan to teach all of them to develop skills in the kitchen and will request their assistance when they are older and able. Casey enjoys cooking but usually doesn't have the time due to his work but when he has cooked, it has been real tasty and a welcome break for me!
  2. Who cleans? I do. When it gets done anyway! Ha ha! I usually attempt to get one load of laundry done or if I skip a day I double up on loads. I try to get the living room and kitchen in order before I go to bed. I am still in the process of working out a cleaning schedule that fits my current stage in life and it will have a different area of the home to focus on each day of the week. Casey is in charge of taking out the trash and recyclables. I get the kids involved in picking up the toys and helping with laundry and dishes as they are able. Right now, our home looks very "lived in!"
  3. How does your average day look? An average day for me includes but is not limited to: get ready for the day, COFFEE, breakfast for kids and myself, doing laundry and some house chores, activity time for kids at the table, lunch, naptime (me: read blogs and write my blog posts), kids' snacktime, finish laundry and other house chores, make dinner, clean kitchen, have kids pick up living room, put kids to bed, time with Casey, go to bed (often too late and am tired the next day until I have my coffee!).
  4. What chores do you hate doing the most? I really don't like cleaning the kids' bathroom but it doesn't take me long since its tiny so that is nice. I really don't like to handwash dishes but it makes me feel better if I "cheat" and just use a soapy wash cloth without filling the sink and that is what works for me! Oh, and I really hate putting folded laundry away. Usually because its a magic trick to get it all stuffed away where its supposed to go when there isn't enough room! Not so much for the kids' clothing but our closet shelving actually collapsed (long story) and we don't have a real dresser only three small shelves in a small entertainment center so... There isn't much room for our clothing!
  5. What do you struggle with the most? I struggle with organization which is why I put so much effort into making a weekly menu and am working to stick to a specific cleaning task each day of the week. Routine helps me so much! If it was left to sheer motivation, well, I'd be out of luck! I am rarely just super in the mood to clean a toilet or sweep the floor or put that stack of folded clothing away. Sticking to my lists helps me get at least the bare minimum done each day and I'm striving to do more because a well run home is pleasing to my husband as well as makes my life and my kids' lives less stressful.
  6. What do you exceed at? I think I am a good cook. Not only do I attempt to make meals for my family throughout the week (BUT, let's be fair, I love to eat out whenever the opportunity comes knocking!), I also have to fix foods for my family that are gluten free which has required a great deal of learning and I still am learning. I feel that part of being a good cook and homemaker is making sure I serve a good deal of healthy options which includes some organic (within our budget) and some whole foods, and a lot cooked from scratch. Its what I enjoy (both the studying and application!) and its a good contribution to my family so I'm glad I can bless them in this way! 
So, am I the perfect homemaker? No! I'm not even the perfect wife or mother! I'm not even amazing at what I do every single moment of the day and my family could probably attest to that! But, I am striving to do better and learn ways to be more efficient. I am a homemaker. I want a well run home. You can keep the perfect run home. But, I suspect - contrary to what we all may like to think - the perfect homemaker doesn't exist! Keep your chin up and keep trying!

Thanks Angell for hosting this fun and revealing topic!



  1. Thanks so much for posting this!! You're the only one who did it (or at least right lol...they posted some other random stuff lol).

    I'm a new follower!!

  2. Thanks Angell! It was a fun post to write! And, a good idea for a link up as long as people read the rules, LOL! :D


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