Jan 21, 2012

Weekly Menu

Today is one of those blustery January days I wish to soon see behind us. I am long past "dreaming of a white Christmas" and I have visions of spring, new green plant life, flowers, and short sleeves dancing in my head.

I have mentioned before about my being a dreamer. I'm also a list maker. At any given time you can probably find probably half a dozen lists on my desk. This time of year it is hard not to want something to look forward to and spring fits the bill for me. I have even been preparing a new cleaning schedule that best fits my current stage in life which includes a few spring cleaning tasks. Of course, I may leave them until say March when I can have the windows open (hopefully not wishful thinking!). Another thing I long for is grilling weather. I can't blame my man for not wanting to stand out in the cold to grill burgers or steak this time of year! My cast iron skillet fried burgers are a decent stand in until better weather though!

I'd love to share my new cleaning schedule but I'm planning to implement it for a while. Give it a good test drive! Maybe around spring cleaning time I will have tweaked it into something that really works for a mama of three young ones and I will feel ready to share. Speaking of future blog posts, stay tuned for my Valentine's Day menu and date night plans. I'm excited to have a fun night (hint: its a nice evening at home so no babysitter or small fortune required) with my love which we do pretty much weekly but the added red/pink and hearts theme just makes it more fun!

Now on to the practical purpose for today's post:

Sunday 1/22
B~ Apple Upside Down Muffins (from "Against the Grain" by Kate Tietje)
L~ Brown rice pasta and cheese sauce, peas
D~ Wimpies (this is what we called "Sloppy Joes" when I was a kid!), oven fries, green beans
Monday 1/23
B~ Waffles
L~ Cheesy potatoes, peas
D~ Bacon macaroni, broccoli
Tuesday 1/24
B~ Banana Muffins
L~ Leftovers
D~ Hash brown crust quiche, pumpkin waffles
Wednesday 1/25
B~ Soaked oatmeal
L~ Brown rice pasta with tuna and cheese sauce, peas
D~ Cheese burgers (without buns), bread sticks, green beans
Thursday 1/26
B~ Banana Peanut Butter Smoothies
L~ Leftovers
D~ Pizza
Friday 1/27
B~ Sausage and egg scramble
L~ Grilled cheese sandwiches, carrots
D~ Beef stroganoff over pasta, green beans
Saturday 1/28
B~ Egg and ham breakfast muffins
L~ Cheesy potatoes, peas
D~ Chicken taco soup

There are certainly many other fun winter activities to enjoy this time of year. Some I really enjoy are knitting or crocheting, reading (including e-books!), baking, making lists, dreaming about my future garden, going through an old stack of magazines to cut out funny articles/recipes and toss (making more space in my room!), and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. What do you enjoy this time of year?

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  1. I love peanut butter with just about everything--except bananas! So I would be the kid to turn up my nose at that smoothie. Hopefully your kids won't :)


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