Jan 16, 2012

Fitness Goals - Week 3

Last week was a tough week. Some job/budget issues caused uncomfortable stress but we are striving daily to place that in the Father's hands and not "worry about tomorrow." I also wasn't feeling normal. Casey had been under the weather all week but I thought I was doing just fine. I didn't really notice that I kept feeling a bit more tired and lethargic than normal and my motivation to workout or even do dishes kind of disappeared. I'm feeling more energetic this weekend and I honestly think my body was fighting off whatever Casey had and must have done a good job because I never got the "head cold" symptoms so I'm feeling pretty lucky!

There will be periods of life such as someone being sick (even yourself), a stressful situation, or an extra busy time where you may not fit in your regular workout or eat as healthy as you normally would. The important thing in these situations is to cut yourself some slack, remember why you are doing your workout/eating nutritiously (for yourself in the first place!), and jump right back into the game as soon as you can. Don't beat yourself up!
It really doesn't help and next time something comes up and bumps you off course you may become so discouraged that you give up altogether (this applies to so many areas of life)! We don't want that to happen!

If you start to get discouraged and wonder why you are even bothering when there are so many life distractions and set backs, I have been there. I get distracted a lot! Here are my personal reasons to work out now. These reasons may motivate you to try to fit staying active into your week even if you are running like a chicken with its head cut off chasing your children!

1) Be a good example - If your kids love jumping, running, and dancing around the house now, they may not be so willing when they are older unless they see you having fun and regularly participating in staying active! Some things you can do to keep it fun for the little ones:
  • Take family walks.
  • Dance around the living room with the kids as you all watch a silly child's dance video.
  • When its cold outside, play inside hide and seek. Or, a simple game of chase - me chasing them - entertains my three!
2) Wake up sleepy head - Simple and even slow paced but purposeful movement in the morning can help you wake up and can give you more energy afterward to tackle that pile of laundry, breakfast dishes, or bills! Try:
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Simple stretching
3) Put a smile on your face - Working out can be a great tool to help boost your mood and relieve stress. You know the old saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" Well, as mothers and wives, we often have multiple opportunities on a daily basis to bring positivity and encouragement to our families. Managing our own moods and stress helps us to bless our families. Some ways to make workout time more enjoyable:
  • Play your favorite music; use Pandora on your computer or cell phone, an ipod, or a near by CD player/radio.
  • Workout during the kids nap times; sometimes babies/toddlers are just too curious about what mama is doing and it sort of makes that workout more "work" than seems worth it and certainly isn't enjoyable!
  • Set rewards for yourself when you reach your workout goals. It could be more internet time during the kids naps, a special coffee drink next time you go grocery shopping, or taking a bath instead of that rushed shower you usually get so you can enjoy those bath salts always just sitting there collecting dust!
4) Stay healthy - Okay, you probably knew this one, right? Well, did you know that working out can have a positive effect on our immune systems? While many aspects go into building a strong immune system, every little thing that helps is worth your time! Just remember how hard it is to minister to your family and care for young children when you aren't feeling well! Other tips for improving your immune system include:
  • Limit your sugar intake as sugar can suppress your immune system.
  • Eat garlic. I have a garlic press and I'm not afraid to use it! Fresh garlic in soup, casseroles, and even macaroni and cheese is amazing!
  • Get enough sleep! This is essential! Go to bed a little earlier at night because there isn't much opportunity to sleep in once you have kids! And, if your kids sleep in, please just don't tell me you lucky mom you!
Weekly Fitness Goal 1/15-1/21 ~
My goals this week are to play actively with my kids for 30 minutes two days (you know, the whole indoor chasing and wrestling that entertains them so much and leaves me a bit out of breath before they are even close to bored!) and do a 20 minute Pilates workout. I may or may not try to add in some Elliptical time so I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. it's awful when everyone in the home is sick :( especially working out while sick, ugh, don't get me started on that. at least i get to sleep in still, no kids for us, yet!

    Just wanted to let you know about the cool hand tailored apron I am giving away :)
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  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and I really enjoyed the lovely pictures on your blog especially from your wedding! :D

  3. I completed 10 minutes of Pilates yesterday but got distracted before I could do the second 10 minute workout. Such is life when kids want to eat, LOL! I enjoyed the "burn" that came with the first 10 minutes though and am encouraged to keep it up for that feeling of actually accomplishing something! :D

  4. I have been riding the stationary bike during my quiet time with God in the morning. Talking to Him really helps me get to the finish line! Also have been trying to do the Wii dance with Lizzi, she really enjoys it and it's an easy way for me to add extra movement into my day. This week I'm going to try to add in some strength building exercises-planks, pushups, tricep dips, crunches, and bridges.

    Since I'm a morning bird I get up b/4 the family and do it then, otherwise I might not have the time/energy to sneak it in :)

  5. I've done my active time with the kids thanks to their love for the Wiggles dance videos. All 3 love them and loved that I was joining in.

  6. Hey Shari, I thought I had posted here last week but realized it's not there. Thanks for sharing your goals and tips on my blog. I love your goal. It's doable! We have been going to the gym most days....although we didn't even go over the weekend. My husband even went to an abs class with me on Friday. That was kind of fun to do it with him! I'm not getting a lot of participants in the Get MOtivated Mondays, so if it doesn't pick up in a few weeks, I may discontinue it, but I so appreciate you linking up! I hope you continue to. I enjoy reading what you have to say.

  7. Thanks Sarah! I will keep linking up to your "Get Motivated Mondays" as long as you have it. I hope it picks up! Have you considered linking up your link party and health posts to http://www.day2dayjoys.com/2012/01/healthy-2day-wednesdays-week-36.html? Maybe it would bring more like-minded traffic to your link party!

  8. I think I recently saw that link up and thought I'd check to see if they may let me join them. If not, I'll at least link up.


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