Jan 23, 2012

Fight Fat...with Fat?

Ever try to lose weight and get on the internet for a diet plan or advice? If so, you probably found the many articles that say something similar to "eat low fat and lots of veggies and you'll lose the pounds quick." If you're like me, you probably have a sinking feeling like perhaps you're more fond of those extra pounds than you previously thought. Maybe you even wondered why God made so many varieties of food only for them to make you fat! Oh, and lots of veggies are awesome in your diet. Its the "low fat" that we're going to delve into today!

An important part of picking a diet that will really work is that it should be the diet that makes you feel energetic and satisfied after a meal and helps you maintain your optimal weight nevermind the diet that seems to work so well for your BFF. We were uniquely designed by God and are all a little different. We probably know our BFF's personality traits (how they vary from our own) and their style and culinary tastes (which more than likely aren't 100% what ours are) so why does it bother us when we need different methods to lose a few pounds?

Here is the scoop: fat doesn't make you fat! Isn't that grand news? At least some fat doesn't make you fat. Of course, we've long known or been told there are good fats and bad fats. Perhaps some fats were vilified and others falsely promoted but there are still good fats and bad fats. Some good fats include: extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, krill oil, and palm kernel oil. Some bad fats include soybean oil, canola oil, and vegetable oil.

The fat I'd like to focus on today is:

Coconut Oil ~
Some helpful hints for the new-to-coconut oil consumer:
  • Extra virgin coconut oil is the best because it is the least processed.
  • It is often found solid in your cupboard so you may need to melt it for some recipes or scoop out the amount you need and use like you would butter in a skillet to saute. The oil will quickly "melt" into its liquid oil state.
  • Coconut oil can be used for your skin and hair.
  • You can find good deals for larger quantities of coconut oil online versus your average grocery store prices!
I use coconut oil in baking, scrambled eggs, breakfast smoothies, and most of my main dishes. And, I really don't notice a difference in taste which is great news because I don't like the texture of coconut flakes or the flavor of piƱa coladas!

Weekly Fitness Goal 1/22-1/28 ~
  1. 20 Minutes (2 focused 10 minute videos) of Pilates ____Accomplished
  2. 20 Minutes of Pilates ____
  3. 20 Minutes of Pilates ____

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  1. I used coconut oil on my incision after the C-section when it was having trouble healing. I have yet to dive into cooking with it, but I've eaten foods cooked with it and always like it! Thanks, great tip!


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