Jan 2, 2012

Weekly Fitness Goal

Are you running and hiding just from my title? Actually, I would too if it had read "Yearly Fitness Goal" or something more intimidating like that but "weekly" works for me. You see, I am a busy mom of three toddlers. They are three (3.5), two (2.5), and one (17 months). They certainly keep me on my toes.
Also on my plate are my keeper-of-the-home tasks which I feel like I can never quite keep up with and my part time job. My job is a few mornings a week so it really isn't all that awful. I really enjoy my job actually. But, it does sort of disrupt my "normal" routine that I try to have going (emphasis on TRY) on days that I do not work. Anyway, fitting in a fitness routine when I can hardly call each passing crazy day as routine, hasn't worked for me. I don't remember the last time I "worked out." So I decided to make weekly goals that are easy enough to keep up with in the context of my busy schedule and my current fitness level.

I've never been a huge fitness buff. I don't like to run. I've never been consistent with using videos or machines. I believe that fitness is far more than just seeing numbers drop on a scale. Its a way of life. Its a path that helps lead to your overall health when combined with nutritious foods and a healthy outlook on life to maintain emotional/mental health. All three of these areas take effort on your own part. No one else can make you physically or mentally fit. There are certainly resources but you have to decide and take steps toward the goal of optimal health on your own. Start today making attainable goals that lead you down a path toward your goal of optimal health.

I'm not setting specific days of the week to accomplish my simple goals. If setting a day of the week and putting it on your calendar works for you then by all means do so. The key is being honest with yourself. Where am I at now physically? What can I do now to get moving physically? When works now in my schedule? If you are just starting out like I am, now is probably not the time to push yourself. Baby steps are usually the best approach. Start small and attainable and as you gain momentum, challenge yourself.

You do not have to have an elliptical and treadmill as I have, or fancy videos. YouTube has a variety of workout videos to follow and you can search out printable instructions for different exercises. You can take a walk outside or go jogging. Perhaps jumping jacks in your living room would suit you. You can choose to get your kids involved or wait until they are napping. Early morning works too. Start where you are at with what you have!

1/1-1/7 Weekly Fitness Goal:
Walk at a moderate pace on my elliptical machine for ten minutes two days this week.

I'll check back in when I accomplish my goals to maintain accountability! Are you setting weekly goals? What are they? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. That's a good start and a great way to not get burned out. We just joined a gym and decided that we'd like to exercise for at least 15 minutes, 6 days a week. Probably more like 30, but we'll see. If we make that, we'll be doing awesome.

  2. That is awesome! My husband and I would love to join a gym (or the Y) but we can't fit that in our budget just yet. We are blessed to have an elliptical and a treadmill so even during the cool months we can stay active. I just need to set goals or I'll never actually use them! I do stay busy with the kids though so I've been counting chasing them as excersise for the last few years! LOL! ;-)

  3. Day 1 of 2 planned workouts complete for the week! I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I'm so active at work that I left my workout days for the end of the week! I did 10 minutes on my elliptical machine this afternoon!

  4. Just checking in! I did day 2 of my two day workout goal this week! Yay! It was a little harder to push myself on day 2 but I pulled through and I'm looking forward to what next week has to offer!


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