Jan 28, 2012

Weekly Menu

Making my menu and grocery list is sometimes more fun than chore. I enjoy looking for new recipes and reading the ads. However, its easy to overlook the growing stockpile of ingredients already on hand. This week I want to dig into and empty out my freezer and pantry some.

Don't get me wrong, I do prepare meals each week using pre-browned and frozen hamburger and already purchases frozen veggies along with other ingredients I have on hand. Somtimes though things come up like having too many leftovers so I don't prepare a new meal that was on the menu or a spontaneous dinner out at a restaurant when our errands run later than expected. I end up with more items on hand than accounted for. So this week I felt there was a need to put more attention than usual on the freezer/pantry to really use up some of my stock and free up some space. It wouldn't hurt to save a bit on my grocery budget either!

I've made slots into my menu and on those days or the night before I will decide what I want to prepare so it has time to thaw and I'm not left scrambling at the last minute.

Sunday 1/29
B~ Bacon and banana muffins
L~ Cheesy beans and rice, green beans
D~ Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, green beans
Monday 1/30
B~ Soaked oatmeal
L~ Brown rice pasta with tuna and cheese sauce, peas
D~ --Free choice out of freezer--
Tuesday 1/31
B~ Cheesy scrambled eggs
L~ Hotdogs wrapped in corn tortillas with cheese, carrots 
D~ Home-breaded chicken tenders, cheesy potatoes, green beans
Wednesday 2/1
B~ Waffles
L~ Brown rice pasta with tuna and cheese sauce, peas
D~ --Free choice soup using ingredients on hand--
Thursday 2/2
B~ Pumpkin muffins
L~ Nachos, carrots
D~ Pancakes and bacon
Friday 2/3
B~ Omelets
L~ Brown rice pasta with tuna and cheese sauce, peas
D~ --Free choice out of freezer--
Saturday 2/4
B~ Cream of brown rice
L~ Leftovers
D~ Mexican enchilada lasagna, broccoli

How often do you make extra effort to clean out your pantry and freezer? Its not just me that gets behind, right? J 

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