Feb 1, 2012

Couples Love Challenge ~ Day 1

The "Couples Love Challenge" is hosted and created by Angell over at Passionate and Creative Homemaking. Throughout the month of February, wives will be offered a daily "challenge" and a bonus tip for pampering ourselves. She had me at pamper!

I am excited to take part in this challenge! Here is why... I NEED help! SOS! I am not a selfless and forgiving and kind wife by nature! If my hubby does something that offends me or, you know, just grates on my nerves just a smidgen, I lock it away in my little mental vault and, Baby that ain't never coming out! Its tough to serve someone and show them respect when I have a heart overflowing with un-forgiveness. God has brought me many Biblical reminders to slowly melt away that mental vault and change my heart toward my husband. He has also offered many other wonderful resources and tools including books, encouraging women, and blog challenges. These learning opportunities are helping me to be more sacrificial, forgiving, and kind to my husband.

Don't miss out on joining this challenge so your marriage can benefit too!

So here are the task and bonus for the first day of the challenge. Make sure you go check out the Passionate and Creative Homemaking blog for the full post on today's challenge!

Today's task is - Express appreciation for the hard work he does for the family. Just a simple thank you for his hard work goes a long way. Don't you like it when you are showed appreciation for what you do? Let's bless our hubby!
  • I had the opportunity to pack a simple lunch for my husband to take to work with him this morning and after reading over today's challenge, I was inspired to include a little note telling him how awesome I think he is for working so hard for us and that I love him. I have several hours before I will see him when he arrives home from work but my other ideas for the day include an ego-boosting text message or two and taking time to consider other ways I appreciate him throughout the day so I have something real meaningful to compliment him on tonight! :D This is fun!
Bonus task - Exfoliate your lips. Take some brown sugar and rub it on your lips in a circular motion (lean over the sink when you do this because some of the sugar falls off). Then rinse off. Remember...these bonus tasks are for YOU.
  • Wow! I used this simple tip this morning and my lips feel so smooth! I think we will both benefit from this tip! :D
Happy February 1st friends!

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  1. Thanks for linking up your challenge! I appreciate it.

    Yes that little brown sugar tip has been a favorite of mine. You can also do that in the shower instead of buying expensive body scrubs. Use brown sugar and not white sugar because the brown sugar sticks together making it easier to apply.

    Thanks again! I hope you enjoy it!


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