Jan 14, 2012

Weekly Menu - 1/15 through 1/21

Sunday 1/15
B~ Apple Upside Down Muffins (from "Against the Grain" by Kate Tietje)
L~ Creamy tomato sauce over brown rice pasta
D~ Potato soup, brownies (both from the above linked book "Against the Grain")

Monday 1/16
B~ Potato and egg scramble
L~ Tuna macaroni and cheese
D~ Cheeseburgers (without the bun), oven fries, cabbage with bacon
Tuesday 1/17
B~ Coffee cake ("Against the Grain") - Whipped up before I leave for work but I probably won't get any until later in the day!
L~ Leftovers (anticipating leftover potato soup!)
D~ Beef roast, sour cream mashed potatoes, green beans
Wednesday 1/18
B~ Soaked oatmeal
L~ Leftovers (anticipating leftover roast - probably made into hash)
D~ Meatloaf, cheesy brown rice, lima beans
Thursday 1/19
B~ Toasted waffles with peanut butter (I work this morning too)
L~ Uncured hotdogs and/or leftovers
D~ Creamed chicken over brown rice, carrots
Friday 1/20
B~ Sausage and egg scramble
L~ Chicken quesadillas
D~ Bacon wrapped chicken, cheesy broccoli
Saturday 1/21
B~ Almond Flour Muffins ("Against the Grain")
L~ Macaroni and cheese
D~ Sausage patties and pumpkin bread

I won the "Against the Grain" e-book in an awesome blog giveaway and it was accompanied by Kate's other three e-books. I can't wait to try out some of her amazing and healthy recipes so I can review them and her e-books for you all! For now, if you have interest in eating healthy, losing weight, and learning about these subjects, I encourage you to check out her amazing blog full of recipes, resources, and knowledge on these subjects!

So perhaps you have been curious about what I serve for snacks, especially if you too have young children. As I am beginning a trend toward more organic veggies and fruit (top 12 for now), high quality coconut oil, and good quality eggs (milk and meat eventually), I am cutting out more and more processed foods including gluten free pre-made snacks, candy, juice, and pop. We are cutting back but not eliminating our pop and candy consumption for now (the kids don't have any pop and very little candy but we had way too much candy around during Christmas and I want it out of the house except on rare occasions and in small quantities), and we don't drink juice at all. I am serving mainly fruit and cheese for snacks. I am searching for more variety to serve for snacks and hopefully I can share more soon!


  1. we enjoy fruit, cheerios or popcorn for our snacks. If everyone liked baby carrots that would be an option, hopefully someday right?!
    I think that you'll find the more processed foods you cut out the more money you will have for the organic and healthier options--good luck!

  2. Mine actually seem to like baby carrots but I think they'd like them more often if they had a dip. I am hoping to come up with a good dip recipe soon so I can offer that as a snack option! I hate to buy the bottled dips (even hummus) because of the oils they contain. I'd prefer to make one using coconut oil. I really should try popping popcorn! I have a bag of non-GMO popping corn but always forget to make it! Thanks for the reminder! ;D


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