Aug 24, 2011

Entertaining Three Toddlers

Entertaining three toddlers can be a challenge. My three year old son talks to me and tells me what he does and does not wish to do. He often does not wish to do that which he is told and does wish to do what I am not interested in him doing. His ability to communicate with me does not always make things easier. My two year old is in that stage of life where he really doesn't know what it is he wants to do but he usually knows its not what I suggest. Then again, he can throw mighty tantrums when he does repeatedly ask to do a specific thing and I dash his hopes with some other, more practical idea. Even a mother cannot possibly understand everything of what goes on in a toddler's head. And, a one year old is fairly content to go along with whatever the rest of us are doing so long as I do not take whatever item of choice is in her chubby little grip at the moment. "I'm sorry 'Princess,' I didn't know it was a treasure."

Aug 18, 2011

The Joys of Marriage

I wanted to take a step away from my day-to-day motherhood and keeper-of-the-home topics and write about the joys of marriage. Having been married for more than six years now I can say with certainty that there is far more in marriage than just romance and joy.

Aug 13, 2011

Weekly Menu ~ August 14-20

B –       Baked oatmeal
L –       Out for lunch after church
D –       Quesadillas, fruit

Aug 5, 2011

Weekly Menu ~ August 7-13

I am sure you have heard this before. But, it really is true! Making a menu before your weekly shopping trip can save you time and money.

Aug 4, 2011

Part-Time Job

This morning is not one of those mornings you generally wish to write about. Gray and rainy weather make for a lazy morning that you really don't want anyone to know about. Sort of like a guilty pleasure. You give in to the sleepy atmosphere and might just forget about those dishes or that shower that probably should have been remembered.

Iced coffee in hand, I settle down for a few moments at the computer. I'd like to have typed 'undisturbed moments' but lets be honest. Who gets undisturbed moments with three kids around?