Jan 19, 2012

This Time Last Year

~ Janurary 2011 ~

Ella is six months old. Getting so big! She is proud of her new found strength to push up on her arms in preparation of crawling!

Baby girl sitting up and playing with toys.

I remember this moment. I asked Sean to smile for a picture and he holds his cars up in front of his face!

 We were living in Nebraska at the time and there was a lot of snow there! And, it got real cold! But, the boys loved going out on our balcony to play in the snow! Here Logan is attempting a snow angel.

Logan is tasting the snow!

Neither boy wanted to take their eyes off the snow long enough for a picture but it still turned out cute!

Logan had to have surgery for a hernia and it was real early in the morning so he wore his jammies to the hospital. He loved their huge fish tank in the waiting room.

Logan wearing his mini hospital gown and he was quite the adorable but curious patient.

This is Logan after his surgery. It was difficult to get him to rest or hold still! He was very interested in all the cords!

His surgeon was so nice to him and dressed up his puppy with a surgeon mask and a bandaid. It was scary having my son go into surgery and painful seeing him in pain afterward. He did real well though and healed quickly.

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying the New Year!



  1. Your kids are so precious! I can't imagine how hard it would've been to have your little boy go through surgery!

  2. Thanks Jessica! It was hard. Newer forms of surgery really make recovery so much easier though and that is awesome for a little guy who was trying to rough house with his brother on day 2, LOL.

  3. Logan's expression while looking at the snow is absolutely darling :)


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