Feb 3, 2012

Couples Love Challenge

So maybe you noticed this daily challenge idea sort of fizzled on day two. It certainly isn't because of a lack of interest in the challenge! I was out of the house yesterday from 7am until 8pm with the exception of about 15 minutes in the middle where I came home from work and helped Casey get the kids ready to leave for an appointment and errands. When I finally did get home, I really wanted to jump right in and do the challenge and write about it but I had pressing house chores to do and I didn't really want to rush the challenge anyway.

It would seem, Angell over at Passionate and Creative Homemaking read my thoughts and is making a link up for her challenge once a week instead of daily. This really works for me!

Briefly, I want to share with you what I hope to get out of the "Couples Love Challenge." I'm not seeking a drastic re-make of our relationship or to never have a disagreement again (okay, that would be cool but let's be real here!). I'm not hoping this challenge will eradicate all our problems and complaints. I simply joined this challenge to push myself to make doing the simple and small things for my husband a habit. Sending him a note, giving him a complement, and doing something nice just for him are simple and even easy things to do but often times life has a way of making them seem "extra" on an already full to-do list. I firmly believe that my relationship with my husband is the most important relationship I have on this earth. I am so quick to affirm my children and do nice things for them. How much quicker I should be at doing so for my husband. This challenge is giving me and you purposeful small tasks that will hopefully form a habit of serving and uplifting our husbands.

I hope you are inspired today! I'll check back in with my personal update on the "Couples Love Challenge" this Monday!

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