Feb 10, 2012

Friday Fitness

Welcome to the new day for my fitness and health topics discussion. My goal for this weekly topic is to share my own interest in natural health and wellness, as well as to continue to attempt and inspire staying active and exercising. February is the "American Heart Month" and its no surprise because heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women according to the CDC.

Most of us are aware of HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol and that if a Dr. diagnoses a patient with high cholesterol then the Dr. will likely prescribe him a statin drug to help lower his cholesterol levels. However, there are risks associated with taking statin drugs. One risk is the lowering of coQ10 which is an antioxidant necessary for energy production within cells of your body. One risk of a deficiency of coQ10 is heart failure. Let that sink in for a moment.

So what are some ways to naturally lower LDL cholesterol without taking drugs?
  • Exercise, especially high intensity. Source 
  • Consume garlic. Source
  • Reduce intake of breads and grains and sugar. Source
  • Eat more green leafy veggies. Source
  • Replace vegetable oil and canola oil with coconut oil. Source 
  • Increase your intake of Vitamin C. Source
If you still choose to take statin drugs, it is recommended by natural health doctors to supplement with coQ10. Absolutely discuss taking this supplement with your Dr. but this article does address dosage of taking coQ10 if you wish to make an informed decision.

High levels of cholesterol can be a health risk indicator, but they are a symptom. Treating a symptom is never going to result in optimal health. You must seek out and confront the root cause. This article is highly medical in terminology but if you are interested in the root cause of aging and disease you might find it very informative and even interesting.


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