Feb 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Plans

Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it, its coming up in nine days. As for me, I enjoy it. We don't go all out. Afterall, we try to do things as a couple on a weekly basis. Sure, we have three kids and they usually aren't in bed until 8pm, but we can sit and chat, read a book together, or whatever else we may wish to do after 8pm. But, making February 14th our date night for that particular week really doesn't hurt and so that is our way of celebrating. Just doing something fun together. Its not fake or superficial because we know everyday we attempt to say "I love you" several times and we will continue to have weekly date nights (even if at home during this season of life). But, this year I really wanna shake things up a bit! I want it to be special!

I got this idea over at Stacy Makes Cents. Its a man's advice on what to get your husband for Valentine's Day. One idea was to make it a "man date" and serve food HE would want and to maybe watch a movie HE would appreciate. This got my wheels turning regarding my recent efforts to do more kind and thoughtful things for my husband. Why not make it about him instead of me? He does deserve a nice night all about him! He seriously is a hard worker and is working more than 50 hours a week to provide for our family right now! Making it about him doesn't discount the fact that its to celebrate our love for each other. After all, giving is better than receiving!

Our dinner is going to be gluten free pizza. Maybe I will even attempt to shape the dough into a heart! Casey really likes pizza and so do the kids so this will be enjoyable for everyone. I want to save dessert for after the kids are in bed (the date night part of our evening). Our sweet treat will be gluten free brownie sundaes. Then we'll watch a movie but not a chick flick! Something manly that Casey would enjoy. I don't know what movie we'll watch yet but I'll keep his personal interests in mind. I did check out Redbox.com and there are a few action movies that are available or coming out soon that he will like!

Oh, and I'll be making him a cute little card. I bought a bunch of Valentine's Day stickers in the dollar section at Target for writing cute love notes and cards for him so I'm already prepared! I think he really appreciates my homemade and personal notes over purchased cards anyway!

What do you think about a "man date" theme for Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear about your Valentine's Day plans or date night plans for the week!


  1. let's see, if I were to do that for Phil it would probably be steak and potatoes with crunchy oatmeal raisin cookies. He like thinker movies like momento and inception, which are difficult for me to get into because I prefer movies that I can just enjoy and not have to process!

    My bestie from college is taking the girls this wkend. We still haven't figured anything out that is free and doesn't include a home improvement project. So if you've got any suggestions, I'm all ears!

  2. I'm with you on the fun and enjoyable movies, LOL. Although I really don't mind thrillers and action movies.

    Woohoo! A weekend alone! Now I'm jealous! ;D

    What you might want to do on a date night depends on what you both enjoy as a couple. I love playing games and an evening eating snacks and playing board games would be a hit with me. Casey on the other hand prefers movies and I like movies too so that is our "couple" time (though real rare lately because we don't want to stay up that late!). We used to go to the mall just for a warm environment in the winter to walk laps. Sometimes we'd get a drink or treat to share. I hope you guys have a fun weekend!


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