Feb 24, 2012

A Blogging Break

Have you noticed its been a bit quiet here at "Three Monkeys in the Jungle?"

Recently I just haven't had the necessary time and resources to provide quality blog posts. I have even been feeling discouraged because for a while I have been sort of grasping at straws hoping to find time to put my inspiration into writing for daily or close to daily writing topics but I often don't have quite enough time during the kids' naptime to research, write, edit, re-edit, and post on the blog. I don't feel satisfied with posting just anything to get a post out by a due date.

Due to my lack of time to provide you with interesting and educational reading topics on a regular basis, I have concluded that a blogging break is necessary and maybe even good for me and my family. I look forward to coming back from my blogging break with newly found time and resources (read: new charger cord for my laptop to make writing and being a mom easier instead of leaving all my writing for naptime) as well as a refreshed sense of purpose and inspiration to share more motherhood experiences, housekeeping and food topics, and discussion on being a godly wife.

Feel free to share in the comments below what you might be interested in hearing about when I come back from my break. Do you like reading about my adventures with three children (three kids in two and a half years)? Do you enjoy blog posts that include lots of pictures and instructions on how to make a new recipe? How about health topics? I'd love to hear from you!



  1. I'll miss reading your posts, Shari! But I completely understand the need for a break. We'll be here when/if you decide blogging is right for you! And, personally, I always enjoy reading stories.:)

  2. I enjoy everything you post Shari. I understand the need for a break. I myself have been coming up empty and hence my blog has sat quiet for almost 3 wks now. I hope your blogging break is refreshing for you!
    Alicia :)


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