Feb 13, 2012

Couples Love Challenge ~ Thoughts After Week 2

So far I have participated in the "Couples Love Challenge" for two full weeks now. I've done my best at completing the challenges and the bonus tasks. I was totally thrilled to find the time and motivation to paint my nails. It had been months since I'd taken the time to paint even my toe nails and that just isn't like me.

The questions to bring week two to a close are:
  1. What tasks did you complete?
    • Week 2, Day 1 ~ Put your arms around him. Check.
    • Week 2, Day 2 ~ Hold his hand or touch him softly. I did the soft touch part but he's not big on holding hands so it really never happened. Maybe I'll try it when the right moment comes up sometime soon. You know, it needs to feel natural.
    • Week 2, Day 3 ~ Lightly touch his back down his spine or on his thigh. I did this but I didn't do it until the day we did the back massage and I sort of started with that and let it lead into the back massage.
    • Week 2, Day 4 ~ Kiss hubby before going to bed and before he goes to work. Check. Actually, this is pretty much something we do every day so it wasn't hard for me to do!
    • Week 2, Day 5 ~ Give hubby a backrub. Check. He happened to be laying on the bed so its not like I had to explain that I was going to give him a backrub. He really appreciated it. ☺
    • Week 2, Day 6 ~ Give him a footrub. Okay, I didn't do this one. I'll keep it up my sleeve for another time though!
    • Week 2, Day 7 ~ Give him a full blown body massage. Check. Yep. He really enjoyed this too. I guess I should do this more often! In fact, his favorite part when I got to his feet! ☺
  2. What was your favorite? I actually really enjoyed giving him the massages. It was nice knowing that I was helping him relax and doing something nice just for him.
  3. What was your hubby's favorite? He totally enjoyed the massages! I know I'll continue doing this because it was so productive at making him relax and feel good after his long work hours.
  4. How has he responded to all that you are doing? I haven't told him I'm doing anything out of the ordinary but he appreciates the extra attention I think!
One of the bonus challenges was to check out new make up tips and while I was searching I found this site that I thought had useful information:


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