Feb 11, 2012

Weekly Menu

Good morning! Its sunny here today but COLD! The kind of cold where I stay inside all day and pretend I live in southern Florida sip hot chocolate. The picture is from my kitchen window this morning. I really enjoy having the little window cling hearts and love decorations around my home. Decorating for holidays, seasons, and 'just because' brings me joy within my home! 

Today I am sharing my menu for next week. I am planning to use my slow cooker almost every day to hopefully free up some of my time from cooking duties. Its always nice to have a meal cooked and ready at the proper time with little effort put forth. However, if you are striving to eat mainly home cooked and from scratch foods, its hard to catch a break. Become good buddies with your slow cooker!

Sunday 2/12
B~ Breakfast bars (on sale at my Hyvee!)
L~ Tuna macaroni
D~ Chicken tortilla soup (slow cooker)
Monday 2/13
B~ Baked Oatmeal
L~ Beef Hash
D~ Apple cider waffles and baked eggs
Tuesday 2/14
B~ Muffins
L~ Chicken and Rice Soup (slow cooker)
D~ ♥ Valentine's Day ♥ Pizza
Wednesday 2/15
B~ Sausage and egg scramble
L~ Beef and cheese quesadillas
D~ Orange Chicken with fried rice (slow cooker)
Thursday 2/16 (work day for me)
B~ Breakfast bars
L~ Ham and cheddar potatoes (slow cooker)
D~ Turkey meatloaf and cheesy quinoa
Friday 2/17
B~ Pancakes
L~ Ham omelets
D~ Pork chops and gravy over rice (slow cooker)
Saturday 2/18
B~ Cream of brown rice
L~ Chicken tacos
D~ Chicken in marinara sauce over pasta (slow cooker)

There are a lot of other "helpers" in the kitchen that can lighten your load during meal preparation. I hear great things about rice cookers but have yet to invest in one despite that we eat brown rice on a regular basis. What is your favorite "convenience" tool in the kitchen?


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