Sep 14, 2012

Feminine Friday: She Is Resourceful


Today's topic is the fourth feminine behavior, "she is resourceful." As homemakers, it is our responsibility to tend to the majority of the shopping, menu planning, cooking, and health of our families. Sometimes this can become like any other chore in the house and we may seek ways to make these tasks easier on ourselves rather than viewing them as a service we are doing for our families. Let's find out the significance of her "bringing her food from afar."

"She is like the merchant ships,
bringing her food from afar."
Proverbs 31:14
My Ryrie Study Bible uses the word "enterprising" to summarize this verse. A wife who's worth is "far above rubies" does not settle for what is easiest or what she has always done but is industrious, creative, and takes initiative to find the very best she can afford to offer her family. It is a process of always seeking a better value, better quality, and better understanding of what is healthy for those she is serving.
1. ready to undertake projects of importance or difficulty, or untried schemes; energetic in carrying out any undertaking: Business is in need of enterprising young people.
2. characterized by great imagination or initiative: an enterprising foreign policy.
This concept is particularly interesting to me since for quite some time I have been reading about eating healthier. I know many people who shop for healthy foods at farmer's markets, from local farmers, and online. The local mega-mart just doesn't sell as many healthy options which means I might just have to be more creative in searching out alternative avenues for acquiring healthier foods. It requires an enterprising spirit and dedication to work out a budget that works for my family while including the foods I know my family really needs to be eating.
Choosing alternative paths like using more organic and local food sources takes more energy and can, at first, be more difficult. It takes the initiative necessary to learn about what eating and cooking healthier means and where the best sources for healthier foods are in your area. It requires imagination to plan ahead to make sure even on busy days you have a plan for meals and time to prepare them.
The Proverbs 31 wife who desires to purposefully be resourceful in her duty to provide sustenance to her family, will be enterprising. She will not necessarily go so far as to cut all sugar from her family's diet or proclaim it ungodly to eat a potato chip (or to get her food from across the world if she can't truly afford that). But, what she may do is take more initiative and dedicate more of her creativity to seeking out sources that will provide the best quality food possible within her budget to serve her family. Those sources and that food will look different for different families. We can pray for our budget to get wider or for more resources to be available locally. But, I think what God really wants is for us to be dedicated to doing what we can with what we have right now.
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