Aug 3, 2012

Feminine Friday

I know its kind of late in the season already. Most of us are really starting to think about the fall. I'll be honest, I am starting to think about fall clothes anyway! However, we have at least another month of hot, summer weather and I don't want to wish all of August away! I am going to share a few accessory items I like to wear to perk up my warm weather wardrobe.

Attractive earrings ~

These little owl dangle earrings are just too cute. Owls were/are super trendy but I like them even if the trend passes! I got these from Gordmans.

I've had these so long I can't quite recall where I bought them. I think it was at Icing. Heart-shaped, faux-pearl covered studs add a soft, feminine touch to an outfit.

Fun and functional purses ~

I wrote "purses" but I really haven't even been taking the time to change up my purse lately. This has been by my side all summer and is serving me well. It has a short, single over-the-shoulder strap which is my preference (the handle(s) needs to be long enough to throw over my shoulder because I don't like having to carry a purse in my hands). This purse has three-layered ruffles on its front with a floral fabric that has hints of a sparkly thread. It has a few small pockets but it is mostly open and roomy inside. I bought this purse from Kohls.

Bracelets ~

I have several bracelets. Or, at least I had several bracelets before my two year old daughter ran off with half of them. She LOVES bracelets. She also loves earrings too but we're waiting a while on that one! I got this bracelet from Aeropostle. This is my favorite bracelet because it's cute and casual and goes well with most of what I wear. It fits snug which I think is a good thing because that means it isn't in the way when I'm doing housework.

Fancy foot attire ~

I really like shoes and consider them to be another of my favorite accessories. Cute shoes don't have to hurt your feet (but then again, I usually switch to tennis shoes - not so cute - if I'm walking for long distances). I got these on a clearance rack in the late-fall at Gordmans and just packed them right away for later. The next spring, I was able to pull out brand new shoes as I switched my wardrobe over but for far cheaper than the new sandals hitting the stores!

These are my favorite pair of sandals right now. I picked these up at Kohls. I like that they go with most of my outfits. They are sturdy and comfortable. And, I love the braided detail.

These cute shoes were a birthday gift a few years back. They are comfortable and the cute bead work adds a nice touch to several outfits.

Other ideas ~

There are, of course, many other ideas for summer accessories such as necklaces, headbands, sunglasses, hair clips, light-weight scarves, rings, toe rings (I actually wear one of these but didn't get a picture of it), and hats. Use your personal style and unique creativity to add new flare to your summer clothing by simply adding the perfect finishing touches to your outfit with pops of color and textured accessories.

What is your favorite accessory?


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  1. I love toe rings and sandals and all the above things you mentioned. I have recently begun looking for a few summer hats (I wear hats more in the winter so I have a few of those already) and I found 1 cute one at a 2nd hand shop for 50cents. I delicately washed it and let it air dry and it's really cute. We have had such a hot summer and we have at least Aug. and Sep. to get through and sometimes Oct. is really warm (I can remember Halloweens when the kids are wearing flip flops and shorts but we've had Halloweens when there is snow flying too). Summer is my favorite season so I am never in a hurry for it to be over but heat relief would be nice!

    1. Hi Rebecca! Summer is my favorite season too. I just really like my fall clothing because I like fall colors. You are so right that warm weather can stretch even into October! A cute hat for .50 is an awesome find! I love thrifty deals. I'm not a huge hat person (because I think I look funny wearing them) but I want to wear them (if that makes any sense) and the big, floppy sun hats are so cute and practical! Maybe I'll find a good deal on a summer hat too one of these days.


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