May 26, 2012

Next Week's Menu

Its a typical Saturday in my home. Except none of us have had a shower...

The Bad:
  • Our water heater has been broken since last Wednesday and no one is coming to fix it until next Tuesday (no worries, we've been sponge bathing so we don't smell or anything!).
  • I am considering hiring a professional to come in and clean some of our carpets for me. I need to call about pricing and stain removal.
  • Our cat doesn't stop meowing when she is awake. We need to get her an appointment to have her "fixed" so she stops trying to escape outside to "create" more babies.
  • My two boys apparently think there is nothing at all wrong with using poop for paint. I strongly beg to differ. The thought running through my head as I clean poop out of their carpet (both are quite capable of using the toilet) is "this is NOT what I signed up for..."
  • Making a dairy free menu stinks. Amen.
  • I cannot run our a/c, dishwasher, and clothes dryer at the same time. Which means when I have a lot of work to do, I either have to leave it for the evening when I have better (more fun) things to do or sweat...
The Good:
  • The contractor finally came to fix our leaky roof. No more bucket to catch the rain water in our bathroom! It is also good that the only leak was in our bathroom so no carpet damage occurred from the water over the two months or more that it took the management to get someone to fix the roof.
  • My mom and sister are coming to our neck of the woods to check out a college for my sister who just graduated high school and will be staying with us a day or two this week. I'm looking forward to some girl time with them one evening!
  • I got up the nerve to quit my job the other day so I only have a few shifts left! I have already worked out a new routine and am super excited to re-direct my focus on spending time enjoying and training up my children and being a homemaker. Not that I wasn't doing those things before, but it sort of felt like I was stretched and I couldn't give 100% to any aspect of my life. I think it is mainly because my children are so young and Casey is working two jobs, so neither of us could really find the energy to support each other in a profitable manner. Now I feel I will be even better as a help-meet to my husband as well.
  • My little girl makes me smile everyday and she has such kissable lips. While I consider all my children to be Heaven sent, after having two boys in a row, I sorta felt that she was an extra special gift that I can, and do, decorate with pink bows. She is at that stage where she is just too busy to offer kisses (I totally steal them though!) but she offers the sweetest chubby arm hugs that melt my heart. And, she's a mama's girl through and through! ☺
  • Logan knocked on the door and said he had a flower for me and then hands me an oak tree leaf. I smiled and said thank you. Its the thought that counts!
  • Sean regularly brings me those white, fluffy dandelion flowers. I keep them in a tiny vase on my kitchen window sill.

B ~ Baked oatmeal
L ~ Bean and cheese nachos
D ~ Family cook-out (grilled bratwurst with sauerkraut, grilled burgers, fries, green beans, chocolate angel food cake)


B ~ Scrambled eggs
L ~ Grilled cheese
D ~ Chicken stir fry over rice


B ~ Pumpkin muffins
L ~ Chicken fried rice
D ~ Baked chocolate donuts with a veggie frittata


B ~ Stove top oatmeal
L ~ BLT sandwiches
D ~ Slowcooker minestrone, garlic bread (regular and GF because we are having company for dinner), brownie bites


B ~ Pancakes
L ~ Grilled cheese
D ~ "Wimpies" on GF burger buns, fries, green beans


B ~ Pumpkin muffins
L ~ Beefy nachos
D ~ Baked BBQ chicken, rice, broccoli


B ~ Egg muffins
L ~ Macaroni pasta
D ~ Skillet chili over corn chips, green beans, brownie bites


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  1. hmmm... I see a chocolate theme going on! Amen on the mama's girl part!! ;-)

    1. Yes...must have been subconscious LOL! Just all new recipes I'd like to try I hope the brownies are good because I'm trying them out on you! ;D


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