May 17, 2012

My Flower Garden

I have finally gotten around to planting my rental-friendly flower garden. I think I used every pot I own! It was fun except for the "help" that I received which resulted in my losing the label to my rose and having my special root hormone water being dumped (luckily, it was the very last after I had finished watering so it wasn't too wasteful).

My mom loves her rose bushes. While we were down visiting her home over Mother's Day weekend, we visited a local rose shop and my grandmother (my dad's mom) treated my mother and I to a rose plant each for Mother's Day. Mine was a small rose plant more suitable for a pot which is exactly what I needed. It has lovely velvety red blossoms. Its called a Harm Saville and is part of the mini-flora family.

Some of my flowers I purchased shortly before our Mother's Day weekend get-away and they were a bit sad about their lack of water. I hope they survive their potting trauma and give me lots of blooms to enjoy for the summer.

I picked out these lovely little yellow flowers and several of the other plants when I went to the store with my dad during our visit. He let me pick out a few for a Mother's Day gift. The store had 3-packs of various plants and flowers for about .69 each so I picked out five packs. I liked the smaller pack size so you could add more variety without spending a whole lot. 

I would have liked to grow some veggies and herbs but I didn't want to over do it. I just never seem to have much luck with potted veggie plants and that is probably because I have never had the time to really take care of them. There is always next year!

Do you plant pretty flowers on your porch to brighten your day?


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