May 10, 2012

Alcohol, Blue Marker, and White Paint

Yesterday was one of those days where I sort of took the day off. I felt I deserved to recover from the previous four nights of closing at work in a row as well as having begun babysitting at the bright and early hour of 6am for the previous two mornings.

Taking the day off from cleaning and feeling I have the freedom to spend more time in front of the computer never works out how I intend it to. My children do not like to play quietly and give Mama a break and neither do they care to watch a movie if I am out of the room. So I usually do not get that rested feeling I hoped for. Quite the opposite!

On this particular afternoon, my two boys had refused their naps for no particular reason other than not agreeing with me that they are little boys and for both their sake and mine, they need naps. My oldest was cranky and had been behaving poorly so had been sent to his room. My middle son and daughter were watching a movie and I thought all was calm on the home front and proceeded to sit down at the computer. However, my middle child got a hold of a blue dry erase marker and colored all over the walls with it in that 20 + minutes that I was just sure they were watching a movie and being oh, so quiet too. Big mistake on my part!

After many failed attempts to clean the walls with soap and water, a scrub brush, and baby wipes, I found the most effective solution was to dampen a baby wipe with rubbing alcohol and carefully wipe off the marker. Yes, it removed some of the paint. I don't recommend this method unless you are desperate to remove blue marker off your white walls! However, we rent our home and the property manager will likely repaint the walls anyway, so it seemed the best option. You can't really tell unless you are closely inspecting the walls that some of the paint has been rubbed off.

My dry erase markers where magnetic and stuck to the fridge next to my magnetic dry erase board. The markers no longer live there...

Have a great weekend and to all the other moms out there, "Happy Mother's Day!"  


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  1. lol poor thing!!!! Try windex, or baking soda/powder ( cant remember which) on a sponge- home made Magic Eraser. Always remember that if you start feeling relaxed, go check on your kids, they are up to no good....


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