Nov 23, 2012

Feminine Friday: From My Closet [1]

Hi girls! We just wrapped up a twelve week series on Feminine Behaviors pulled from chapter 31 of Proverbs. Writing my thoughts on each of the eleven feminine behaviors was loads of fun but also challenging. The Lord brought new insight to me that helped me to grow as I shared my perspective with you. Can I just say that that is why I love blogging so much? It provides a creative outlet and at the same time is so much deeper because I am challenged to grow and step out of my comfort zone. I'm excited for the next few months - through the fun and busy holiday season - I am going to be sharing seasonally appropriate and modest outfits straight from my closet. I hope you enjoy the From My Closet posts!

Isn't this picture cute? You know I love it just because of that little tutu-wearing girl in the doorway behind me! She looks like such a princess when she wears her tutu dress. I know I am not quite so elegant looking but I do my best. This is an everyday or errand-running outfit for me (I rarely wear my denim skirts to church). I love how the tall knee boots help to keep my legs warm when I'm wearing a knee-length skirt. The teal shirt has a turtleneck which makes it great for layering and just in general for fall weather as it keeps my neck warm but I love that it has short sleeves so I don't get too warm when working on household chores or playing with the kids. The necklace adds such a feminine touch to the whole ensemble.
What I Wore:
Shirt - A gift from my mom.
Necklace - A clearance purchase from Gordmans.
Skirt - From New York & Company that I bought about eight years ago and it's still going strong! I know I bought it on sale though!
Boots - A clearance purchase from Kohls. (I think I paid about twenty dollars for them so you can bet I was thrilled!)

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  1. Cute outfit, Shari. :)

  2. I love this!!! I don't have any denim skirts but am thinking that perhaps if i could find a few cheap enough it would help me wear skirts more often in my daily life. I really do feel different in them!!!! (I only have 2 right now :)) I really need to get over my thought that well i'm not going anywhere today there is no reason to wear anything but sweats and a pony tail in my hair.

    1. Hi Kelly! I have to say I've not personally had the best luck finding denim skirts at thrift store prices that fit me but they are a great investment because they last a long time (longer than jeans because there is no inseam or hem - but they have the benefit of hiding/removing stains just as easily). Maybe you'll get a gift card for Christmas! ;-) P.S. Our water heater died two days ago and it's so cold here that I was seriously tempted to stay in my pj's today, LOL! Winter sponge baths aren't much fun!


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