Nov 7, 2012

Gluten Free Granola Balls

I'm going to share with you my own version of a recipe I found on The Marathon Mom. This treat is worth the time it takes to prepare because moms and kids alike are going to really, really enjoy these! Take it from me... these won't last long!

I made a few tweaks to satisfy our personal tastes. First of all, all the ingredients need to be gluten free, especially the oats because they are known to be highly contaminated with gluten. Secondly, the chocolate chips must be dairy free. Thirdly, I just seriously don't like coconut so that had to go! These make great snacks for at home or on the go.

Gluten Free Granola Balls

3 c. gluten free old fashioned oats
1 1/2 c. peanut butter
1 c. ground flax seed (I grind mine in a coffee grinder and pour each ground batch into a measuring cup until I get what I need.)
1 c. chocolate chips (I use dairy free.)
1/2 c. raw honey
2 t. pure vanilla extract
1 t. cinnamon

Measure all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix thoroughly (mixture will be very stiff but it will come together). Roll into bite sized balls. I used a small cookie scoop to shape mine and just packed it full so they held together well. Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator. We prefer them refrigerated before we eat them so they hold together firmly.

My kids beg me for these and I have a hard time keeping my hands off them too! Enjoy!



  1. These are fun. I am not a big peanut better fan, but now I am craving it ;) my daughter would love these! Love the simplicity! Thanks for sharing.

  2. These look great and easy. I just started trying to go gluten free and this is a perfect replacement for my normal on the go breakfast.

  3. Yum; I love simple delicious and healthy recipes like these! Thanks for linking up to Healthy 2Day Wednesday!

  4. This looks amazing and very healthy! Thank you for sharing your recipe on Deep Roots At Home! I may just have to make these!


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