Nov 12, 2012

10 Things I'm Thankful For (In Pictures)

In light of this season geared toward remembering those things which we have been blessed with, I am sharing with you my top ten things I am thankful for. They are in no particular order. I thank God for each blessing I have because He is the author of Life. I appreciate each one of my children and my husband because no blessing comes with a life-time guarantee except the merciful gift of salvation which He has so freely offered me. I want to cherish each moment.

#1 I am so very thankful that God blessed me with a daughter. She rocks my world! She wants to be like me and adores it when I paint her toenails. She enjoys clothing and always points at my earrings I'm wearing and says "pretty!" She is a girl through and through. I love seeing her cuddle her baby doll. I love everything about having a daughter! I tell her often that she will make a wonderful mother someday.

#2 I am so thankful for the items I have in my kitchen that make meal prep so much easier for me. My slow cooker is a life saver. My cast iron skillets make clean up a breeze and I just love them. My coffee pot is also a life saver! And, let's not forget to mention my oven and stove-top which I use so often and my dishwasher which I would rather not live without! I also appreciate my refrigerator. I get a great deal of use out of my garlic press too. ☺

#3 I just love having animals around and these cats are no exception! Aren't they just stinking adorable? I'm very thankful that they are both so patient with my children who aren't all that good about being gentle. These two rough house and chase each other through the house and then cuddle up to rest together. It's so cute! Their names are Sadie (black) and Lily (gray).
#4 I'm so very thankful for the right to homeschool my children and the blessing that it is for our family. It isn't always an easy responsibility but it is what we feel called to do. I enjoy spending the extra time with my four year old while we go over preschool work. I look forward to future grades with him and adding my younger two as students.

#5 I am thankful for a husband who is a hard worker and dedicated to providing for his family. I'm very thankful he is a loving and attentive father that enjoys playing, reading, and wrestling with his children!

#6 I'm thankful for being blessed to be a mother of two rambunctious boys. Boys are so much different than girls. But, they have a sweet, loving, and gentle side that shows when they offer me darling hugs and bring me fresh picked weeds - I mean flowers. They want to grow up and be dads one day like their father and that makes me so proud!
#7 I am thankful that my mother taught me to cook. Without the familiarity and basic knowledge in the kitchen that I have, I might have been completely at a loss when I discovered my husband needed to eat a gluten free diet for health reasons and my son who has a dairy allergy and can't have anything containing dairy. Don't get me wrong, I've not always had a smiling attitude about this challenge in my life (as a cook) and it wasn't a smooth transition into cooking allergy friendly meals. However, the basic skills that my mother took the time to teach me have been a great foundation for me in the kitchen. Cooking allergy friendly foods from scratch saves so much money over buying the mix or pre-made product and I have successfully recreated many of our favorite dishes and baked goods. This success has bolstered my confidence that when I have more time I will be able to successfully make the items I have not yet attempted such as homemade yeast bread.

#8 I am thankful for the crazy days when my house looks like this (with dirty dishes on the table and toys strewn every which way). The crazy days remind me that my first basic responsibility is my relationship with God and it becomes so evident when that isn't my priority on days when things don't go the way I think they ought to. The crazy days remind me that I need God.

#9 I'm thankful for that coffee cup (thanks Mom!). It's my all-time favorite and I get a little irritated with myself when I forget to wash it and I have to use another mug for my morning mocha. I don't drink coffee every morning because quite honestly some mornings are crazy (see above) but most days I do and I am often seen carrying this mug around as it keeps my coffee warm longer than all other mugs I've tried and a busy (side-tracked) mom knows how quickly coffee turns to ice while she's distracted!

#10 I'm thankful for old fashioned games. I love playing a good game in the evenings. We enjoy playing battleship, Rack-O, Clue, Checkers, and Uno. I am a big fan of Monopoly too. For some reason though I can not find anyone who will play Monopoly with me. I even have the new version with "debit" cards which I think is super cool. I also really enjoy Bananagrams, chess, and Yahtzee. Playing games is a fun way to include entertainment into the evening with my husband while building our relationship because we can actually talk and enjoy each other in a way a movie doesn't allow for (don't get me wrong, my hubby's favorite date night is watching a movie together so we do that at least once a week!).
What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving season?
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