Sep 9, 2011

Hello Autumn

This past week has been a roller coaster. Working odd shifts (twice I had to close at work and be back to open the next morning). Less sleep than necessary (and desired). Difficulties in motivation for housework and cooking. Found out that our car needs yet another maintenance fix. Budget stress. And, top it all off with the joys of cleaning up yet another accident from our two year old. Oh, the joys of potty training.

On the bright side, we are really enjoying the sudden switch to fall weather that arrived earlier this week. I've had the windows open and air conditioning off for several days now!
Last night we even sat outside in our lawn chairs while the kids played in the yard and we weren't even breaking a sweat. Normally it doesn't even take the summer heat to be sweating because of all the hopping up and down in an effort to keep my children from wandering too far off from our un-fenced yard. A fenced yard is high up on my wish list for when we go house shopping. No, we're not going house shopping any time soon. But, I definitely have a wish list. I'm like that. Wishful. Dreamy. A romantic soul. I can't help myself!

The "chores" that come along with the changes of the seasons aren't always to be dreaded. I totally look forward to seasonal and holiday decorating. I have special wall-hangings. Leaf garlands. Fall inspired floral displays. Even fall dish towels, table runners, and basket liners. And, don't forget the autumn dishes (a maroon leaf-shaped bowl and an orange pumpkin-shaped plate and, of course, a large football-looking dish). My fall meals are festive looking in special dishes! And, if you come for a visit, you will be greeted by a pumpkin-shaped floral decoration hanging on our front door. I get excited by re-decorating every few months! Working in a retail store has its benefits and not the least of which is knowing when certain fall items go on sale so I can get the best deals. It may not be until the end of the season but I don't mind adding to my collection for next year.

Another thing we've been up to this week is digging out all our cool weather wardrobes. Its quite the challenge (or, at least, time guzzler) to switch out five people's wardrobes. Also, with ever growing toddlers, I have been taking inventory of the items I have that fit and which items I still need to acquire to round out their wardrobes. I believe a trip to the local second-hand shops will be in our near future. Sometime after the next payday, I think. I'm always surprised at the great deals on good quality used clothes I can find.

Next week's menu is prepared and I intend to do my shopping this evening since Casey and I both work back-to-back shifts this weekend. I'm really looking forward to incorporating more soups and fall meals into our menus. I've been in a sort of rut lately and need to snap out of it. Trying new recipes, especially simple to prepare soups, is just the key to bring some fun back into meal preparation.

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  1. I've been eating soup for about a month already. I had a fresh corn chowder recipe that I wanted to try, and I did! Then I got to thinking about how easy it is to make one big pot of soup on Monday and my lunches for the rest of the week would be taken care of. I just vary the fruit and veggies that go with so I don't get totally bored. I have some hearty ones that I'm looking forward to trying once it gets really cold out! Soup=yum :)


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