Sep 30, 2011

Sour Cream Noodle Bake

My morning was rather stressful and busy. There was work. Then taking over parenting duties from Casey who had to rush out to his job. Then there was some business I had to discuss with the property manager of our community. After the kids got up from nap and I'd had some time to chill out some, I took all three outside to play. We ended up playing at the neighbor's house (their great grandson was visiting) and with all their cool outdoor kid toys.

The best fix for a stressful day is to fix your family a comforting meal that will make everyone smile!

I don't know about you but I have been fairly enamored with the Pioneer Woman for a while now. Ever since my mom bought me her first cookbook. Good ol' country cooking from scratch is what did it for me. Now not every recipe is easily adaptable to our family's gluten free dietary needs but this scrumptious casserole only needs a swap from "normal" wheat pasta to a gluten free version. Our favorite is a quinoa and corn blend pasta that is simply amazing in both flavor and texture.

My only changes to this recipe are that I use about a one pound package of hamburger as that is usually what I have pre-portioned in my freezer and I usually add extra cheese. Seriously, the ingredients blend together to create a savory dish that my entire family gobbles up! You run the risk of being served this casserole should you come over for dinner. Its that yummy.

♥ Shari

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