Sep 23, 2011

Trip to the Farm

Yesterday I had to be up before the crack of dawn (or so it seemed) so I could get ready to go to work. I was scheduled to work from 7am to 11am but I stayed until 12pm because someone called in and I needed the extra $8 minus the taxes. It was Casey's day off work so he and I had an afternoon of activities planned to enjoy our time as a family. After the kids were up from naps and I was sufficiently rested from my morning at work, we drove over and I got the privilege of waiting in line at the DMV to register our car. Once that task was completed we embarked on a trip to visit the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead with our kiddos. The farm is free from Monday through Thursday and we took about 50 cents to feed the animals. A pretty cheap outing!

Shortly after we arrived we spotted a cute kitty that we (I) just had to pet. He was friendly but soon scampered off (escaped in his estimation) because being chased by two wild boys wasn't his idea of fun. Then we waved at some geese. Our next stop was a dock on a pond where we fed some ducks and unintentionally a bunch of quick fish that swarmed to the surface to swipe what the ducks weren't fast enough to have already eaten.

We continued on to a loud bunch of baby goats where you could purchase bottles of milk to feed them. We went in to just pet these cuties. Sean wasn't very interested in touching the goats but Logan didn't mind at all and ran right in to pet the kids.

After our fill of goats was met, we strolled past an Indian encampment.

The boys really enjoyed riding on the tractors even though they just couldn't quite understand how to use those pedals!

My favorite was visiting the milking barn where they had a calf we could pet. I love the smell of cows. The boys also got a kick out of ringing all the cow bells.

Our last stop for the afternoon was to feed the chickens. All three really enjoyed this activity.

We have a lot of fun when we visit this farm! We are thrilled about how cheap it is too! What a great way to spend time together as a family away from the normal humdrum. Definitely add this to your agenda if ever in the Kansas City area!


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