Sep 28, 2011

Day Dreams

I like to day dream. Its been a habit or, perhaps, even a hobby for years.
While I sip my iced mocha and browse my favorite blogs, I come across a blog about preparing for next years vegetable garden NOW. You should totally check this blog out!

I wish that I had the space for a garden but I do not. I mean, the space for a real garden not just a potted tomato plant. Something that can sustain our family's vegetable intake. A yield that I can actually freeze and preserve! We live in a manufactured home community and the lots are tiny. Granted, we appreciate having our own few feet of earth as we have always rented apartments before now. Its nice to sit in a chair on our own deck and let the kids play in the yard. Its also nice that the two lots beside us are empty because the kids wander a bit due to how small our yard is. Besides, the dirt is just cooler in the empty lots, you know? How I wish I had the room to really let my kids roam and enjoy themselves! A country atmosphere where we can all really relax in the great outdoors. Like when I was a kid.

Our dream of home ownership is not really unique. Lots of people have this dream. Its almost patriotic. The "American Dream" included that piece of God's green earth and a house. And... A big front porch with a rocking chair and a dog complete the picture for me! A large kitchen with bread baking in the oven... Oh, wait, am I day dreaming again? Sorry. There are several things on my wish list for a home. A guest bedroom is high on the list as all our family is out of town. A large kitchen and preferably a finished basement. Two bathrooms. Remind me to share my memories of growing up with six people and one bathroom. And, then you'll understand the importance of two bathrooms on my wish list!

Anyway, our dream isn't that far out of reach. But, there won't be a vegetable garden next year. Still, I can dream about preparing the soil next fall for a garden the following year. It makes me smile. I can see those cute little monkeys of mine wandering around in the dirt messing up the rows more than helping but having a blast and making me smile. I can see that puppy leading the way in the destruction. Another smile.

Dreams are important and normal in life. Just remember that life isn't over when dreams don't come true. Or, when they sort of get distorted. I have a long list of dreams that never happened. Sometimes God just knows that certain things are not really what is best for us. Sometimes He has given me way more than I ever dreamed of. Keeping things in perspective is good for your mental health!

Do you have a first home buyer story? I'd love to hear it!

♥ Shari

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  1. You should look into CSA's. Can't remember what it stands for but basically you pay a sm monthly fee and the farmer delivers a box of produce of whatever is in season (wkly or monthly depends on the farmer) Of course farmer's markets are great too! While I have a lot of space, I don't have anything that has full sun except the middle of the yd, which obviously won't work to plant a garden there. So that's what I'm considering for next yr. Also, having a black thumb isn't very conducive to growing food for the family :)


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