Aug 13, 2011

Weekly Menu ~ August 14-20

B –       Baked oatmeal
L –       Out for lunch after church
D –       Quesadillas, fruit
B –       Leftover muffins, fruit
L –       Turkey sandwiches
D –       Cheese burgers, corn on the cob, oven fries
B –       Scrambled eggs, fruit
L –       Hotdogs, veggie, and cheese cubes
D –       Spaghetti casserole, veggie
B –       Breakfast bar, cheese  
L –       Turkey sandwiches, fruit
D –       Baked traditional buffalo wings, oven fries, veggie
B –       Oatmeal
L –       Hotdogs, cheese cubes, and veggie
D –       Pancakes and eggs
B –       Scrambled eggs, fruit
L –       Leftovers
D –       Hamburger gravy over rice, veggie
B –       Breakfast bar, cheese
L –       Quesadillas, fruit
D –       Chicken fried rice


  1. Your last menu post got me to thinking. I usually don't plan lunches and then all of the sudden it's 11 and I have hungry kids whining 'what's to eat?' With me going 'um....pb&j?'
    So this wk I made a menu that included lunches, and it has been so helpful! Now I just say, well let's look at the menu and there haven't been any complaints b/cuz the 'menu' has spoken instead of me!

  2. I'm glad that it is helpful to you Alicia! Heaven knows with multiple children who are always "starving" we NEED a plan! I began planning ahead like this after we went "gluten-free" because no one wants a pb&j on gluten free bread! At least little mouthes find it difficult to eat sandwiches prepared with even the best gluten free bread I have found. So when I have a sandwich, they eat the sandwich fillings sans bread.


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