Aug 5, 2011

Weekly Menu ~ August 7-13

I am sure you have heard this before. But, it really is true! Making a menu before your weekly shopping trip can save you time and money.
When I make my weekly menu I check my pantry and refrigerator and include meals that use ingredients I already have and make note of the items I still need to purchase. Then I have a prepared list when I go shopping which cuts back (but lets face it, doesn't fully eliminate - for me anyway) impulse purchases. And, remember that your menu is just a  plan and can be rearranged should your schedules change. As long as there are twenty one meals on your menu then you are set!

My favorite "convenience" is having pre-browned hamburger in my freezer. I buy a bulk package of hamburger and it is usually cheaper than buying the two pounds or so that you may need for a week of meals alone. Then I put it in a large stock pot and cook it on low heat and break up the clumps every so often with a potato masher. When it is completely browned, I drain the fat off and let it cool slightly. Then I portion it out into freezer bags. You can set it out in the morning to thaw in the fridge. Or, if you are like me and forget, you can open the bag and de-thaw it in the microwave. It makes putting together a casserole or a meat sauce so much faster! This is a great alternative to make-ahead casseroles for those people who perhaps live in an apartment or just can't afford a chest freezer and have limited freezer space. This works great for chicken too. Boneless or bone-in. Cook it any way you like. Boil. Bake. Slow-cook. Then De-bone (if you used bone-in) and chop or shred. Place meat in freezer containers or bags.

MENU for August 7th - 13th

B –          Scrambled eggs, fruit
L –           Out for lunch after church
D –          Crockpot chili, cornbread muffins

B –          Pancakes (from the freezer), fruit
L –           Grilled cheese, veggie
D –          Chicken Spaghetti casserole, veggie

B –          Peanut Butter toast, fruit
L –           Hotdogs, veggie, and cheese cubes
D –          Omelets, pumpkin muffins

B –          Oatmeal 
L –           Turkey sandwiches, fruit
D –          Smoked sausage with cheesy rice, veggie

B –          Scrambled eggs, fruit
L –           Hotdogs, cheese cubes, and veggie
D –          Slow cooker Swiss steak, veggie, and mashed potatoes

B –          pancakes (from the freezer), fruit
L –           Turkey sandwiches
D –          Cheese burgers, oven fries, and veggie

B –          Peanut butter toast, fruit
L –           Veggie soup, cheese muffins
D –          Chicken macaroni and cheese casserole, veggie

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