Aug 4, 2011

Part-Time Job

This morning is not one of those mornings you generally wish to write about. Gray and rainy weather make for a lazy morning that you really don't want anyone to know about. Sort of like a guilty pleasure. You give in to the sleepy atmosphere and might just forget about those dishes or that shower that probably should have been remembered.

Iced coffee in hand, I settle down for a few moments at the computer. I'd like to have typed 'undisturbed moments' but lets be honest. Who gets undisturbed moments with three kids around?

Its been over a month now since my husband's career change. Given that he took the job based on the possible opportunities this job could present and not the current salary, I knew I would have to find a part-time job when we moved. I had many concerns about this life change. Would someone hire me with a three year gap in my work history? Would they take the time to schedule me around my husband's ever changing work hours?

Another area that worried me was how I was going to juggle being a full-time mother with a part-time job. This was unknown territory for me since I quit working about a month before my first son was born. Five months later I found out that my second son was on his way and when he was born it was only four months before discovering that I would be having my third child. Where would I get the energy to work at home and at an out of the home job?

So I needn't have worried about getting the job. I was hired surprisingly fast by a company called Gordmans. They are a discount retail establishment that strives to have a department store feel to their guests' shopping experience. I believe the motto is "We will delight our guests with big savings on name brands in fun, easy-to-shop stores." And, as one of my trainers put it, they don't wish the store to resemble a garage sale as other discount retail stores often do. Before considering them as a possible work opportunity, I was a repeat customer and enjoyed shopping in their stores. And, the employee discount will ensure that I continue that trend!

The manager in charge of making the schedule is very flexible and willing to work with my available hours. She understands that they will change each week and as long as I get her my availability in advance she will work with me. I am thrilled!

Having the energy to put 100% into my job and then 100% into my home and children seems to me will be a developed skill rather than an instant ability. I will need to learn how to create the balance that will keep relative order.

Thus far, I have these tips for keeping balance:

     ○  Keep a well thought out meal plan that includes easy to prepare ahead meals for work days such as casseroles and slow cooker meals (and a well stocked freezer and pantry). Think easy instead of gourmet.
     ○  Do a load of laundry a day (okay, some days with five people we really do need to do two loads).
     ○  Make sure to get enough sleep because this is usually key to having the patience necessary for dealing with toddlers or any other human for that matter!
     ○  Keep a calendar or dry erase board in a conspicuous place that displays your schedules so there is no confusion or overlapping.
     ○  Take advantage of the few moments your family is all together and spend them showing love and appreciation for one another.

Above all, the one lesson that I need to remember every day is to enjoy my life because my attitude is what makes the difference in each day whether at home with children or at work. Put simply by Proverbs, "A joyful heart is good medicine..."

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