Dec 7, 2012

Feminine Friday: From My Closet [3]

What a week! Last week I shared with you that I was sending off my husband {Casey} to go stay with a relative of mine in Arkansas while he begins his new job and house hunts for our family. Sounds like fun for him right? DUN Dun dun... Not so much for me...

Haha! Sorry about the dramatics! Well, as you might imagine, it's never easy being the only parent to three energetic little ones for, say, one afternoon. But, going an entire week is pushing my limits. Unfortunately, as a parent, I don't have the luxury of limits it seems. I am, however, blessed that they do go to sleep for a short afternoon nap and then there is their 8pm bedtime which leaves some recuperative time in my evenings. My evenings are filled with packing and cleaning projects mixed with some *ahem* snacking and internet time {and a few girly movies my husband isn't super fond of!}.

While being the only parent isn't an easy task, I don't want you to think that because my job is a little more challenging that we aren't having some fun! Some things we've been up to include afternoon walks to check the mail {about two blocks away} and play at the playground, Christmas movies, Christmas stories, preschool lessons, playing with the nativity set {we have the one pictured below and we LOVE it!}, and lots of bouncing off the walls... Well, that is, the kids are bouncing off the walls - not me!

Now about that outfit...

White "stars" shirt ~ JCPenny {old}
Brown drape-front vest ~ Maurices {old}
Tan skirt ~ Wal-Mart {about $15 I think - hey, it's not everyday I find a casual skirt that fits me and that I like!}
Brown ankle boots ~ Kohl's {old}

Well, as it turns out, Casey isn't going to be able to come back for a visit before we move but we are planning to move in less than two weeks. I know many people {including myself previously when Casey was gone for a month right after our second son was born} who've had to endure longer separations so I know it could be worse. Still, we're very excited about our move and his new job and our family being reunited in just over a week. We're trying {I am not always successful - like during the times when I catch the kids unloading a box I had almost completely packed!} to focus on the positives! Hopefully by next week I'll have an official move date to share!

If you or someone you know is going through a move - whether across town or out-of-state - check out 5 Tips For Staying Sane During A Move.

Happy weekend to ya!

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  1. Pretty outfit! Where at in Arkansas? I'm originally from just outside of Little Rock, now living in Nebraska!

    1. Thanks Erika!! We're moving to Vilonia, AR and my husband will be working in Conway, AR. Hey, I used to live in Nebraska too. We spent two years in Grand Island!


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