Dec 14, 2012

Feminine Friday: From My Closet [4]


Another Saturday photo for today's edition of From My Closet. Another Saturday that I went grocery shopping.  This is not all inclusive of all people mind you but when going grocery shopping, it appears that more people than not don't really worry about fashion before going to the store. I love me a casual day just as much as the next person, don't get me wrong, but appearance does say something about us {I'm pretty certain I've never left my house in my pajamas before!}. That doesn't stop me from wondering if I'm overdressed for Wal-Mart half the time though! Haha!

Okay, this outfit is obviously not winning me any fashion awards folks but I liked it because it felt functional, modest, and pulled together to me. This was me trying for a casual look but still wanting to stay warm on a cool fall afternoon. Dressing modestly is important to me but it is also important to me to look pulled together most of the time. What makes an outfit feel "pulled together" for me are cute but simple accessories or pieces {everyone has their own personal style tastes}, coordination {I try!}, and current {obviously the current fashions aren't favoring the conservative look but adding a contemporary piece here and there is still totally possible!}.

So for this outfit: Cute/simple ~ I wear glasses because I'm kinda blind but they act as an accessory {IMO} so I just added some cute teardrop earrings. Coordination ~ I went with a grey and black theme but chose my long denim skirt to keep it casual. Current ~ the white jacket was functional for the weather and added a trendy feel to the outfit.

Update: Our official move date is December 22!! I'm moving to a new house in a new state three days before Christmas! Akk! I'm just so excited to see my new place though! I feel truly blessed though because throughout the next week we are having so many social engagements to just keep our minds off the stress of the move and the fact that our family has been separated from Casey for almost two weeks (almost three before it's all said and done!).
What I'm wearing:
White vest ~ DEB store {bought 2-3 years ago}
Black long sleeved shirt ~ Mudd brand {I love it for layering}
Grey sweater ~ I honestly don't know what brand {I've had it for years and years!}
Long denim skirt ~ thrifted {Old Navy}
Shoes ~ Black Sketchers {with warm sweater tights}
Have an awesome weekend!
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