Jul 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: My Gifts

A few pictures of things I am thankful for this week! This picture is of a gluten free and dairy free cookbook my husband brought home as a surprise early birthday present!

These two cookbooks came in the mail from my grandmother the very same day Casey bought me a cookbook! I am well stocked up on reading! ☺

My husband who so thoughtfully went out to pick out a cookbook for me (I never even asked for one) and loves to read with our kids. 

My four year old saying "cheese" and grinning with our kitty Lily (who is trying to escape).

Logan who wanted his picture too but this was the closest to a smile he was willing to offer.

Ella was all smiles as she watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and didn't seem to mind sitting on my grocery bags or the clean laundry draped over the back of the chair. ☺


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