Jul 20, 2012

Feminine Friday

Hurray, its Friday! I had Casey, my husband, take a picture of me yesterday as we were setting out to go pick up our car from the "car doctor." It needed some parts fixed. I'm not really a "car person" so I pretty much just make the appointment and pay the bill. All I know is that Casey said it was running really rough and we discovered the exhaust pipe had come unattached from the engine! It ended up costing us a few hundred less than they originally quoted because one part didn't need completely replaced after all. We were immensely grateful for that!

I couldn't help myself from taking a few pictures of my baby girl in her summery outfit. She is wearing a cute yellow t-shirt and floral skort that her Mimi (Casey's mom) purchased for her. She is carrying her little Target dollar-section pink handled purse I got her at Easter-time. Her sparkly sandals with zebra print were her own choice of footwear. Her accessories are a hot pink headband and her brother's sunglasses. Sometimes I forget she is my little girl and think of her as a doll. ☺

Maybe you notice the dead grass (non-existent in spots) in our yard. We were discussing how this was a good thing because in our "community" it is a rule that everyone must keep their yards regularly mowed and trimmed. However, we'd been receiving free lawn mowing due to a move-in special until last month and we still haven't purchased our own mower yet (we've never had our own yard before so haven't needed one until now). However, the management of the community hasn't noticed because the grass isn't growing due to the weather. There is always an upside to everything, right? ☺

I am wearing a pair of cream plastic feather-look earrings from Icing. Carrying a purse which you can barely see but its too bad you can't because its so cute. Its a cream and floral print with ruffles on the front that I purchased maybe a year or two ago from Kohl's. My tank top is from Kohl's and I'm wearing a white cami underneath so I don't have to worry about anyone getting an eye-full if I bend over. ☺ The skirt is one of my favorites and was given to me several years ago by my Mother-in-law. The shoes are brown Chaps brand sandals with braided straps and are fairly new. I really enjoy their versatility with so many outfits. Perhaps another time I will snap a better picture of them. ☺

It has been very hot here in Missouri! Casey and I decided to go purchase a carton of ice cream this evening because we've been craving something cool lately.

How have you been keeping cool?


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  1. Beautiful outfit, Shari..very feminine And your little girl is adorable. :) It's hot in our area, too, so we usually got to some private riverfront land where we can swim and fish to stay cool. Hope you have a wonderful week-end!

    1. Thanks Lisa! A swim sounds very refreshing!

  2. Super cute outfit girl! I LOVE it! I just bought 2 longer skirts for $10 each on Amazon and I am so excited to start wearing more things like that! COMFORTABLE and feminine! Sounds perfect to me!!! Thanks for the inspiration girl!

    1. Thanks Kelly! $10 is a great price for a new skirt!

  3. I agree - cute skirt! perfect thing for these hot Missouri summer days. I popped over to your blog from The Modest Mom - enjoying it - thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for visiting! I stopped in to check out your blogs and I especially enjoyed all those beautiful cakes!


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