Dec 16, 2011

A Merry Retail Christmas

Where does the time keep going? We are down to nine short days before Christmas! Casey and I were talking today about how working in retail has sort of warped our perspective of the holidays. It has and in more ways than one.

In retail, the technique is basically to get the merchandise out as soon as possible before the holiday to get the longest possible shopping window from the customers before putting it on sale and quickly getting rid of it (sometimes before that holiday has even arrived) so as to make room for the next holiday or season's merchandise. It sort of hardens a retail worker's heart toward that holiday before it even arrives. Of course, I am excited for Christmas but it almost seems to have passed us by before it has even arrived because of how long the glittery tree ornaments and plush snowmen have been on display. Not to mention the stock piles of Valentine's Day candle holders and St. Patrick's Day window clings just itching to be displayed in just over a week from now.

Between Casey's two jobs and my job, its a tango just to figure out our work schedules so toss in three little monkeys and "Its a jungle out there." Without even attending Christmas parties or traveling to see family, we have unintentionally had (and still will have) a very hectic and stressful Christmas season. We are in the season of life where children need much attention from their parents. We are also in the season of life where we need all three of the jobs we have to make ends meet. We are thankful that the ends are meeting so the hectic season is worth it in the end.

I don't wish to portray that our Christmas season has been so hectic and stressful as to miss out on the true meaning of the season. We spend a good deal of time sharing with our children how God gave us the gift of Jesus and that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus' birthday. We explain to them that we give presents to each other to symbolize the three presents offered to baby Jesus from the wise men. They have really enjoyed our Christmas tree and they are looking forward to Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) visiting just after Christmas Day. Oh, and the boys have certainly caught onto the concept of getting presents and that is exciting for them too.

Our Christmas shopping is mostly done with only a few things left to purchase. So wrapping is soon to commence. We have our weekly grocery shopping trip that we are doing this evening and later in the week we will likely pick up a few items for Christmas Day dinner if necessary. Unless I find a smashing deal on ham, I will likely just make a beef roast I have in my freezer with mostly traditional side dishes. I'll get back to you on that menu!

I hope you and your family are celebrating and enjoying Christmas no matter the season of life you are currently in. I'm looking forward to sharing with you some yummy and totally unhealthy sweetness coming your way early next week.

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