Dec 3, 2011

This Time Last Year

Welcome to December's edition of "This Time Last Year." I love saving this post for when I'm real busy and simply can't think straight to decide on something to write about.
I also adore the months that I took the time to take lots of pictures and I feel guilty because I've been so slacking in this department since I began working this summer.

'Tis the season for a retail job to be hectic. Half my shift has been spent helping our guests with different issues which means that the also important merchandising takes much longer than it normally should. But, all my hard work has been paying off as I was surprised and thrilled to be awarded "Employee of the Month" at my job just a few days ago! I appreciate that I am able to have a positive and rewarding work environment as long as I continue to work outside of the home.

Okay, now to the pictures of my family!

Sweet 4 month old baby Ella.

Sean (32 months) and Logan (18 months) in their "toy box."

Our tiny little Christmas tree!

Logan opening a gift on Christmas morning.

Sean modeling his homemade Cowboys hat from his Grandma.

Christmas dinner: ham, smashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread stuffing, and carrots.

Sean enjoys the big slides.

Both my boys like our family trips to the park.
Casey's parents are coming out to visit us for a week and they arrive this evening. So there is a good chance I'll be MIA for a while. I hope to get a menu posted next week though. Hopefully I can actually find the time to go to the grocery store! Its raining here today while I am supposed to be mustering the energy to finish decorating for Christmas and preparing our home for our guests. However, I am grateful for rain over snow. I just don't care that much for cold weather. I think I will go make myself some coffee. Honestly, I didn't drink any this morning so its okay, right? I hope you are enjoying whatever weather God has given you today!


  1. What a great blog post idea! Sometimes I get in ruts and have no clue what to post. Thanks for commenting on my makeover!

  2. I find it amazing how fast time flies by now that we have three kids? I find myself thinking, wasn't that just a few wks ago, but it's been a whole year already! I'm sure it seems even quicker for you with them being so close in age :)

  3. Time does fly when caring for little ones. Its a constant challenge for me to slow down and enjoy it before its gone. But, for the most part, I don't spend much time wishing they were smaller because each year it gets more fun. This year Christmas is actively anticipated by Sean and, somewhat, by Logan. I appreciate their excitement and enjoyment of the little things during this season.


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