Dec 24, 2011

Christmas Eve in the Reeves' Home

Welcome into our home to catch a peak at our Christmas Eve (just don't open any closet doors okay?).
 My kitchen smells of cheese and sausage as I am preparing sausage balls for my family and co-workers to enjoy this evening. I will also leave peanut butter cookies, peanut butter fudge, Havarti cheese, a cheese ball and crackers, and a tray of black and green olives. That will be the finger food meal of my kids and hubby as I head off to work from 3pm to 7pm tonight. As I mentioned, I am taking along a dish of sausage balls for those people lucky enough to be out working so those who procrastinate on Christmas shopping. When I get off (which I have been assured will be 7pm on the dot) we will be opening our traditional one gift each on Christmas Eve. Hopefully Casey and I get some quiet time together once the kids are in bed to enjoy a few treats and relax before we head to bed fairly early so we can get up early tomorrow and get dressed before the kids wake up!

We bought the kiddos a nativity set complete with wise men and a shepherd. And, I am bursting with excitement for them to open it up and for us all to play out the nativity story!

Here it is wrapped and under the tree but I do have three incredibly curious and mischievous children so this is just for the picture! I'll set it under the tree for them to open after I get off work!

I honestly tried to get this picture to rotate and I didn't have any luck but this is our tree!

I love this ornament! It was a gift to us from my grandmother and I think it is just so cute!

I love attending MOPS and a lady from my care group hand painted these little
ornaments for each lady in our MOPS group to keep and enjoy!

I love anything that looks or tastes like a cow!

Again, sorry about the sideways photo! Casey loves anything to has to do
with football and especially his favorite teams the Cowboys and the Oregon Ducks!

My other grandmother cuts old Christmas cards into cute ornaments
and its a great and free way to decorate your tree
 as well as no big deal if one breaks. You'll get more next year!

My little knick-knack shelf!

Our kitchen window (taken this morning 12/24/12)!

A cute rug I picked up for $2.50 at Target.

My dear mother made these beautiful stockings for our family and had
someone embroider our names on each one.

Well the timer is going off for a batch of sausage balls and I need to finish getting ready for work! Merry Christmas Eve!

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