Jun 17, 2011

Tub Time

When you have three young children rather close in age, even a simple evening routine of taking baths can seem overwhelming. I sort of have a method. It works some of the time.

Today I debuted some new bath tub entertainment. Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors and Crayola Bathtub Markers. The fizzy tablets were cool while they were fizzing but after that the kids didn't seem impressed with colored bath water. I can see that being a hit when they are older though. The markers, on the other hand, were well used and appreciated. The bath tub got a makeover and so did little tummies, backs, and faces.

Big Head Rubberducky Clipart

I let them play until they seemed bored and then I washed them. Starting with the baby, I scrubbed, dried, and dressed her. Then I took her to place her out of the way in her bed. When there is one adult at home and three kids, I practice an attitude of "I can't make everyone happy," so I prioritize. If the baby is crying in her bed then at least she's out of range from being soaked from sloshing bath water or slipping on a wet floor.

Of course, I only have two eyes and two arms and two legs. I am not omnipresent. Kids tend to pick up on these details. They tend to take advantage of them too. Both boys had just enough time while I was gone to climb out of the tub and begin emptying the drawer full of cotton swabs. I had them help me pick them up.
Then I cleaned them both in short order and got them dressed.

I wish I could say the rest of my evening was peaceful and quiet. Who ever advised giving a bath before bed to calm and soothe children in preparation for bedtime had not met my children. It really only seemed to give them a new burst of energy. The boys were literally running laps around the living room that had them crashing into the blinds, climbing over furniture, and squealing. Oh yes. They were having fun.

Perhaps the fact that they didn't fall asleep until after 10pm should wait for another time. After all, I am a wee bit tired myself. And, as late as it may have been, the time did come when all three were clean and snuggled in their beds fast asleep. The mark of the end of my day.

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