Jul 15, 2011

Journey to Missouri

Life is constantly changing. People come and go. Places change. Things break. Ideas evolve. When you have moved as frequently as I have over the last six or so years of my life then you become somewhat acclimated to this sort of change. Perhaps it induces a sort of hardening that results in less damage when leaving behind people or scenery that is familiar or even dear to your heart.

Our family was blessed with a new job opportunity that we had spent arduous hours praying for and searching for over the past many months. However, this required, circumstances as they were, that we move five hours away within one week. Nerve racking does not adequately describe the stress I felt during that time of packing and all the while trying to secure our new home without actually being able to be there. The three monkeys made progress slow and, sensing the changes in the air, all three adjusted their behavior accordingly. You see, if the surrounding atmosphere is wild and crazy then shouldn't they mimic this wild and craziness?

We were very lucky to have the willing help of my parents for this move. On moving day we had my dad driving our U-Haul truck and pulling behind it our van on a trailer, my mom driving their vehicle with myself and my baby monkey, and my husband driving his car with our two boys. Traveling with children requires frequent stops to stretch the legs and have potty breaks. Grandma brought along goodies bags with new toys and a few snacks for the toddlers. Entertainment is essential to a peaceful drive. A cooler with milk to be prepared for the baby's appetite whims was necessary too. These few hours in the scope of the entire move where likely the most peaceful. Despite the few crabby moments, the kids did surprisingly well and they were confined to their seats which was the last moment for the next week that they ever sat still.

Our new home has been a joy. It is the largest home we have had and we also enjoy a small yard, storage shed, and large deck for our personal use. Unpacking and rearranging was slow going with the monkeys. They zoomed around like honey bees visiting flowers and checked out each new cupboard and room in our home. Its best to take it one box at a time once you have unpacked the essentials. Moving is stressful so its best to be fair to yourself and not rush.

Two weeks later and we are settled nicely and adjusting to our new routines. Goodbye Nebraska. Hello Missouri.

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