Jun 4, 2011

My World

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Have you ever seen that mother at the store? You know the one...
Picture this... one kid wailing, one kid "shopping" when she's not looking, and one kid running down the aisle just out of her reach as she simultaneously tries to snatch him up and pacify the baby and remember the 100 things she needs that she didn't write on her grocery list. Okay. So you do know me then.

Welcome to my world. I am a mother of three children, three and under. I embarked on motherhood with high expectations and three years later, deep in the trenches, I have decided that having a "go with the flow" attitude has served me better. This quote just about sums it up:

"I'd like to be the ideal mother, but I'm too busy raising my kids."
Author unknown.

I am a mom. I love to cook. And, I drink coffee to survive. I am the monkeys keeper.


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