Oct 26, 2012

A Change Of Plans (and family pictures)

We've had a busy week but I wanted to drop in and share a quick update about our week. We've certainly had some lovely autumn weather which inspired me to take pictures of everyone out in the piles of leaves in our yard.

Since Casey graduated with his MA degree in May of 2011, he has been pursuing an actual career job opportunity as opposed to just a job - his main interest is in a decent salary to provide stability for our growing family. It's a tough job market out there for a lot of people and the college graduate is no exception. He is currently pursuing a specific company that he feels would be a great match for his abilities and was finally offered two interviews this week in two different towns. 

To prepare for Casey's trip I planned out a mini-menu for his meals he'd be eating away from home.
      Dinner - A pre-packaged bowl of onion flavored rice noodles with a little bag of cheese to stir in and a bottle of pepper sauce. We planned that he would be able to eat this at his hotel.
      Breakfast - Plain whole milk yogurt mixed with frozen blueberries.
      Lunch - Egg salad with rice crackers.
I also packed cashews and a Lara bar for snacks as well as the extra rice crackers. I made lots of ice for the few days before I knew he'd be leaving and saved it in a bag in the freezer door. That way I could pack his food safely.

We were grateful for the opportunity for him to be considered for these two positions and we are praying earnestly for God's will in our lives regarding his future employment.
We believe that no matter what happens we remain in God's hands and He has already given us the greatest gift of all - Jesus!


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