Apr 26, 2012

Almost 4 Years Old

In just four days my oldest child turns 4 years old. We were living in Minnesota during my pregnancy with him. I spent a huge portion of my time during that pregnancy researching everything I could on raising a baby from vaccinations and health care, different ways to give birth and manage labor pain, nutrition, and general care. I used much of the information and knowledge that I learned for my subsequent two children because they came along so quickly after Sean that I had almost zero time for researching and furthering my knowledge base. So I am very grateful for that time I had and all that I was able to learn.

Even with all my research, I was concerned about having a monster sized baby if I went past my due date (I've learned otherwise since then) and finally gave into the pressure from my midwife to induce at 41 weeks exactly. It wasn't all that hard to be convinced at that point because I was so huge and uncomfortable as it was. So off to the hospital we went early that morning to begin the pitocin IV as well as the antibiotics because I had tested positive for Group B Strep. I think I put up more fuss over that IV (huge needle phobia!) and the awful burning in my arm that came from the antibiotics than from the rest of the labor! I did have a detailed birth plan that was handed out to the nurses and they were pretty supportive of my desire to manage my pain naturally. A few hours into labor, my midwife broke my water to help progress my labor and the hard contractions soon followed. Unlike most women, I tried the birthing ball and walking but definitely decided I preferred laboring on my side in the bed. I would grip the arm of the bed, close my eyes, and sometimes (near the end) bite my finger through the contractions. Near the end of my labor it was suggested that I try taking a shower while they set up the birthing tub. I didn't find it to be very soothing and I actually threw up some apple juice that they had insisted I try sipping on. Once in the tub, I was already near the end but the warm water did seem to ease the pain slightly. My pushing was only about half an hour. Of course, once he was born and they caught him out of the water and handed him to me in the tub, I was helped out and into the bed where they helped me birth the placenta. I suppose, the after the baby comes out part was where I felt least prepared. There was no way for anyone to prepare me for how much blood there would be and how shaky I would feel and how I felt almost in shock. How painful it would be afterward and yet how remarkably unimportant any of that would seem once I had my baby in my arms. I've never felt so amazing as those first few days after giving birth to each of my children. Its an amazing feeling!  

Sean was a very active baby boy, "cruising" around while holding onto furniture at about 5 months old and walking on his own at 10.5 months old. He kept his pregnant-with-#2 mama busy! He was always especially interested in electric cords and had an uncanny ability to find them in the tightest corners. He always has loved going to the park and going down the biggest slides. When he was only a little guy he always wanted to sit in the front seat of our car and "drive." Pretty much everywhere we went we would let him either "drive" before or after our trip.


He'll be starting "preschool" at home this fall. He is getting tall and looking in his face more like a boy than a baby. Sean is a smart, strong willed, and active child. He enjoys learning about baseball and football from his dad, playing in the dirt in our yard, and all things "Cars." He has specifically asked for a fishing pole for his birthday which his father and I are planning on gifting him with. Casey enjoys fishing and is looking forward to teaching his sons how to fish.

Here Sean is with his Easter basket this year. He is showing off his new rubber snake which he seems quite pleased with.

Did you want a little food with your mustard? I gave him a dab and put the mustard in the fridge and left the room. Apparently, I didn't give him enough so he decided to go get the mustard and correct my mistake.

Next week we plan to take him out to a local children's farm to fish at one of their stocked ponds. He has requested angel food cake with strawberries for his birthday treat. I haven't finished up next week's menu yet so I'm not sure about dinner that day but I do know we'll take lots of pictures and I plan to share them next week.


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