Nov 15, 2011

What Day is it Again?

Before I could start writing today I had to check to even see what day it is! I go by events of the day more often than actual days of the week. It isn't the most efficient system but that's how I roll these days. Yesterday was a "work" day. Today isn't. Okay, that makes me laugh (in a ha...ha...ha...sort of way). My non-work day is just as busy. The only real difference is I don't get paid to do what I do here at home. In a way, it is actually better to do the "free" work. I feel a sense of ease here at home ("House work done incorrectly still blesses your family" ~ The Flylady) but I stress more at work getting it "just right" since I am being paid. I prefer stress free living.

I have to make one thing clear. I don't want you to have a completely warm and fuzzy vision of my life at home. Today I had to run to the restroom while the kids were watching Curious George. I had high hopes they would stay tuned to George and enjoy watching mischief rather than making mischief. Well, I was disappointed. I came out to find that they broke into the fridge (it has a lock - which they know how to unlock - my advice to manufacturers... "baby" proof doesn't equal "toddler" proof! You'll get a lot of my money if you can make "toddler" proof locks that actually work!) and stole the can of peaches and devoured the half a can (it was the big can not the small one too!) and there was peach juice (100 % juice not the syrup stuff) drizzled from the fridge, across the kitchen, and ended in  two large *puddles* on the carpet! So, yeah, I really think that was worth a paycheck because I was definitely stressed! Its gotten to the point where I wonder if I shouldn't just gather them up and bring them into the bathroom with me *on purpose*! I'm in there for what? Two minutes tops! And, they can really work monkey mischief fast!

Anyway, today does happen to be Casey's first day at his new job with Target. He is excited to be back with Target (He worked at Target while in college for a few years). He texted me from work about an hour ago to say that this particular Target has renovation plans next spring to upgrade to a partial grocery Target (minus the bakery and meat departments). There is some name for this. I believe its called a Greatland Target. Don't quote me on it though. This means more opportunity for promotion which is his prime reasoning for going back into retail. He has his MA degree which looks good on paper but what we have come to understand is that most companies are placing high value on experience. Even more valuable is an experienced and highly educated individual. So taking a low wage backroom position in retail has future potential. He is remaining part time with the bank to work weekends.

To commemorate Casey's new job, I am planning on making homemade gluten free buns, cheese burgers, oven fries, and green beans for our dinner. His first shift is a 9-5pm. If only this were the shift he'd get everyday! I am still praying for a family friendly work schedule for him (and a family friendly salary too). I'm sure he'll be hungry and I want to surprise him with a nice meal. The gluten free roll recipe is a new one and I hope that they turn out. The good news is that homemade skillet fried cheese burgers are good even without a bun! But, I truly think these will be good as they use ingredients I have come to find as staple for gluten free baking.

I hope to have a great review to share! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. Feel free to share your dinner plans in the comment section.
♥ Shari

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