Nov 12, 2011

Saturday in Review

Wow. I am just checking my clock and see its already past my bedtime but here I am. Typing. Anyway, Casey is at Applebees watching the Oregon Ducks football game so I have to wait up until he comes home. You know. Its far too practical to go to bed while its quiet and all.

I had to work this morning but Casey had the day off. His first in twelve days! Today's task was organizing and putting out new merchandise in the pet department. If you were to go and visit my store, you would be impressed with my "beautiful" display of yummy dog treats. My manager said it not me. "Beautiful." Of course, I had to agree! Hehe.

After work, I came home to my kids and husband and we chatted for a while but eventually it was time for the kids to take naps. Thankfully they all did take naps today and I was able to eat some lunch in peace. We ended up watching about half of a rented movie before they woke up too! Now we just need to figure out when we can squeeze in the second half. Probably during nap time tomorrow after church and lunch!

Next came the inevitable kids' snack time and the ritual of inhaling said snack and demanding another snack. So Casey and I quickly got the kiddos wrapped up and ready to head out to the grocery store. We visited two different stores to satisfy my list of needed ingredients and food items for the coming week. I went into the second store by myself to grab a "handful" (why did I come out with four bags?) of items remaining on my list. I left the car with one husband and three kids and a brand new bag of M&Ms. I came back to a half eaten bag of M&Ms and one very chocolate covered one year old girl. Tip for next time I leave my husband and three children in the car with the M&Ms, at least don't give the one year old M&Ms in her hot little hands! Pop one sweet treat into one sweet mouth. Okay. It wasn't as bad as it could have been because I had a brand new package of wipes in the trunk so I pulled them out and did some damage control!

After we carried in all our new purchases and I put everything away, I prepared a small meal for our children. Casey had his heart set on going out to watch a football game and the best place to go is a restaurant (we don't have any TV channels although we do own two TVs for viewing movies). The game didn't start until later in the evening (hense, why we fed the kids dinner before going out). We ordered an appetizer for the kids to share and had our dinner while he got to enjoy the game. Logan (2) was a naughty mess at the restaurant and kept trying to throw items over the edge of our booth, crawl under the table, and was frequently shrieking when he wasn't happy about something. You know, the kind of behavior people glare and whisper about and the kind of behavior that makes me want to crawl under the table. Yikes. He seemed to calm down pretty well by the end of the meal and the other two only had a few shenanigans but nothing too note worthy. When our meal was over, I took the three monkeys home to put them to bed while Casey stayed behind to finish viewing the game.

To conclude our evening, Casey has arrived home pumped because his team won. I am just ready for my pillow. Good night!
♥ Shari

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