Jun 26, 2012

Tiny Freezer Organization

I organized my freezer...

Okay, sorry, but I totally forgot to take a "before" picture because I was caught up in the moment of cleaning. But, lets just say that it looked bad...

Picture all this food just stacked on top of each other. No order. No organization. No idea where what I need is... Or, what all is even in there.

How I did it:
I took everything out and set it on the counter. So, you might want to use a cooler if  you think you might be interrupted (um, kids?) or if you have a larger freezer than I do. I had all the kids coloring at the table and don't have a large freezer so the counter worked just fine. I got a wash cloth out and wiped down the interior and the door. I set in my lovely new shelf. And, then I stacked and organized all my food.

Ta Da...

The shelf makes all the difference. I have stacked my stockpile of frozen veggies on the shelf. Underneath the shelf, are my bags of chicken stock and navy beans which are mostly behind the box, butter I bought on sale, and two rolls of sausage (hm, maybe I wouldn't have bought a 2nd roll had I known there was one already in there!). On the side is a turkey breast and a half bag of hashbrowns. In the front is a box of fudge bars for myself but I rarely remember to eat them so they've been in there a while.

Half the accomplishment here was that I took the time to do something about the mess. Can anyone say "procrastinator?" Excuse me while I duck and hide... Ahem... Anyway, the freezer is easily forgotten about behind its lovely magnet covered door. That is, until the dinnertime rush when I open the freezer to see the disarray but don't have the time at that point in my day to do anything about it. Having organized my freezer makes it easier for me when I have to put away frozen goods after a shopping trip. My nicely organized freezer items also have aided in making menus lately when I really needed to create several meals a week with items I already have on hand to save a little money. Bonus! I've even been saving money with food I might have otherwise not known I even had! ☺

What is your latest homemaking accomplishment?

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