Oct 30, 2011

Weekly Menu - 10/31-11/06

I had yesterday off work and we really enjoyed having a full day together as a family. Usually we feel lucky just having an evening all together. It was nice getting to leisurely grocery shop since Casey put the kids to bed so I could shop solo after a fun day of family time. It was relaxing. I picked up a few extra things to stock my pantry. I am attempting to pick up a few items a week that I know I will be needing for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and baking. My pantry is bulging full now though so I may need to get started on some of that baking already. I doubt anyone will complain.

Tonight I work so I will go ahead and share this week's menu:

B – apple sauce and pumpkin pancakes
L – quesadillas and veggie
D – Cheesy corn chowder and cornbread
B – peanut butter toast
L – cheesy Mexican rice and beans and veggie
D – beef roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggie
B – scrambled eggs and toast
L – leftover corn chowder
D – baked chicken, dinner rolls, and veggie
B – apple sauce cream of brown rice
L -  chicken macaroni and cheese (leftover chicken) and veggie
D – spaghetti casserole and veggie
B – peanut butter toast
L – beef and potato hash (leftover roast) and veggie
D – chicken tacos, cheesy brown rice, and pumpkin cake
B – apple sauce and pumpkin pancakes
L – buttermilk biscuits with potato soup
D – Philly cheese steaks on homemade rolls, oven fries, and veggie
B – fruit and cheese
L – chicken tortilla soup and cornbread
D – chicken fried rice and veggies

♥ Shari


  1. I'm curious to know what apple sauce cream of brown rice is on Thursday's breakfast!

  2. Our Hyvee carries a gluten free cream of brown rice cereal in their specialty foods section. I thought I'd try it out instead of purchasing the more expensive gluten free oats. Once its cooked I just add apple sauce to it and serve it to the kids (I flavor their oatmeal with apple sauce and cinnamon). I must admit that I used butter and some pure maple syrup for my own and it was really good!


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