Jan 1, 2013

A Penny For Your Thoughts

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It's that time of year again. A brand spankin' new year is here and 99% {okay, I made up that percentage but it seems like it anyway...} of folks are talking about their "New Year Resolutions." Love them or hate them, you're bound to have heard someone around you talking about their resolutions. I even shared an intentional list of homemaking goals I've set for myself for the year ahead.

For me, each new year does equate to a fresh slate. But, if we're being honest, life has a way of getting away from us and a whole entire year is a large chunk of time. Reassessing our goals on, say, a monthly basis even is certainly promoting accountability and giving opportunity for realignment of ones priorities. That said, I still enjoy focusing in on a list of "yearly" goals. I take my list with a grain of salt because, after all, I do title them "goals" vs. "resolutions" for a reason. I plan to fulfill these goals but I don't necessarily have the same sense of failure induced by setting resolutions and then being unable to complete them or just having a change of heart toward them. I also prefer to set mostly non-time sensitive goals. No, I do not intend to set about accomplishing all my goals for the year in the month of January. That would indeed be setting myself up for failure.

Now it's your turn...

How do you feel about "New Year Resolutions" or even "New Year Goals?" Do you make a list each year only to leave it lonely and forgotten by February? Are you Ms. Motivated and not only do you make a list but you complete it as if you're being graded? Do you laugh at the mere mention of making a list and move on to enjoy the year guilt free? Go ahead and share your goals or a link to your blog post if you made them!

This is a new feature on my blog. I'll share a topic or idea and we'll chat about it! I'm SO excited to get to know you better!



  1. I understand. Me..

    I make List's for my Lists! And I try with all my strength to get that CHECK MARK, because it means I have completed the item on the List! And I may do a little dance.

    Also, I have a planner

    My ZTE (mini touch pad) and have my list and
    calender there, & my Phone!

    And I Also have a Dream Board. And I try every night to review what I have to do in a month let alone in a week.

    I write lists on my Sticky note pads I have a TO DO LIST Folder!

    My Resolution? CONSISTENCY!

    I know it's a bit long winded but I hope and pray you are Having a Great Year! ♥


    1. Consistency is a great goal! I love my "list" I keep on my phone too. Happy New Year!


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